Maradona is very upset over the Argentina team

Diego MaradonaPrior to the match against Nigeria on Tuesday, Diego Maradona request Argentine players to meet. After losing 3-0 goals to Croatia, Argentina must win against Nigeria for the second round. 'Angry and frustrated' Maradona has criticized Argentina Football Association president Claudio Tapia. FIFA World Cup in 1986, Argentine team's winner hero Maradona got the 'Golden Ball' award as the best player of the year. Maradona said, "He wants to meet the players of Jorge Sampaoli and want to take with him some former players of Argentina." Maradona said to a TV channel in Venezuela, "We want to protect our respect." "I am angry inside and very frustrated. No one wants to wear the jersey of the country, it does not want to be trampled," said Maradona. Diego Maradona is upset over Argentina's president of Football Association for

Myanmar army acknowledged the allegation of involvement in the killing of Rohingya for the first time

RohingyaThe Myanmar army has acknowledged that for the first time, The country's army personnel were involved in the killing of Rohingya Muslims in recent violence in Rakhine state. The army says, one investigation has been found, four members of the security forces are involved in killing ten people in Deen village near Maungdaw. according to the report, The soldiers helped the local villagers to carry violent attacks on them by labeling the Rohingya as 'Bengali Terrorists'.

Some countries did not vote on the threat of trump!

TrumpThere was already a conception that the proposal to bring about the decision of US President Donald Trump to Jerusalem will be passed on to the United Nations General Assembly voting very easily. Actually, it happened. But before the voting, the threat of US President Trump and US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley have some anxiety. Because of this, some countries were considered to have abated from voting for the proposal.

Why 128 countries voted for the proposal to criticize the United States on why Jerusalem was criticized, it is clear. They are in favor of the United Nations resolution on the issue of Jerusalem so that negotiations between Palestine and Israel have been mentioned and the 35 countries that had abstained from voting, most of

What is the situation of the use of language in Bangladesh now?

21 FebruaryInternational Mother Language Day is being celebrated worldwide. The Language Martyrs Day "21 February" is respected as "The International Mother Language Day" by United Nation's UNESCO in 1999. It is said that Twenty-rise eliminates the spirit of Bengali nationalism and the continuation of that situation, once upon a timed birth Bangladesh as an independent state. But many people have made sacrifices for that language, What is the situation of use of the language in the country today? Prof. Chowdhury of Bengali department of Dhaka University- Bhismadev Chowdhury told: "Sixteen million people in Bangladesh, saying it's mother tongue, this is a positive direction." "But I have some distraction about the use of language, there is some side pain also. Our

How safe your mobile number?

How safe Mobile NumberOnce upon a time obtained a fabrication in Bangladesh by cloning of mobile SIM. Now RAB says that a cycle copy the mobile number only, whose original owner of the number can't know anything. So the mobile number is not safe also?

Recently calls to the various number by the government officer's number. Offered the various type of advantages by money. Someone gives the money & someone's able to know the matter of doubt as a frugality.

Onetime complaints come to RAB & their investigation report shows that the fancy way of money divulging by mobile number frauding. The captain of RAB-4 says that they arrested 14 people with all supporting tools who have involved this type of funding works. But how can use the number