Bangladeshis people shock in South Africa

Foreigners in South AfricaContinued attacks on immigrants in South Africa are spreading panic among foreigners. Bangladeshis are suffering from insecurity remain there. Over the last few days have been an attack on the country's immigrants.

Foreigners are occupied by the local employment, distraction from the start of the attack. Many immigrants were killed, shops being looted by foreign businesses.

Interpol issued a red alert against Tareq Rahman

Tareq Rahman accused wantedInternational police agency Interpol issued a red alert against Tareq Rahman accused wanted person to include in their list.

The August 21, 2004 grenade attack on an Awami League rally that left 24 people dead on Bangabandhu Avenue Dhaka; these charges Interpol issued a red alert. However, the publication of this notice did not mention any date.

Interpol's website has listed the 67 wanted. Tareq Rahman was the last wanted on the list. Earlier, the Interpol issued a notice against fugitive war criminal Abdul Jabbar.

ISIL destroyed ancient Nimrud city in Iraq

Islamic StatIslamic State Militants have destroyed the ancient city of Nimrud in Iraq. Islamic State has posted a video online that shows its militants first Bulldozer then destroyed with explosives, the ancient city Nimrud.

Some of the pictures to published earlier this year in March, Where is guaranteed to destroy Nimrud IS militants. Nimrud is another exclusive archaeological resource-rich city in Iraq. 18 miles south-east of Iraq's Mosul city grew Nimrud in the 13th Century BC.

How safe the aircraft of flying club

Shah Makhdum AirportAfter the death of a trainee pilot on a plane crash, her family alleged against the negligence of the training organization. In that accident trainee pilot, Tamanna was killed, but the instructor was survived by the help of local people.

Training organization, the Bangladesh Flying Academy said, they run the training process following all the rules and regulations. On 1st April, a training plane caught fire during emergency landing shortly after taking off with Tamanna Rahman and her trainer on the Shah Makhdum Airport of Rajshahi.

America has agreed to sell 100 million dollars of weapons to Pakistan

Viper Attack HelicopterAmerica has agreed to sell 100 billion dollars of weapons and military equipment has been approved for sale by the US foreign department. Pakistan is also important for US foreign policy and the interests of the countries mentioned in America.

Last year, Pakistan gave America a list of weapons. It was said, Mountainous areas of Pakistan to fight against terrorist groups. Viper Attack Helicopter and Hellfire-II these are included in the list.