Faults that Bangladesh has to pay

Bangladesh vs India

Cricket Analyst Boria Majumdar has been explained the mistakes that took the match against India in the Quarter Final of World Cup Cricket against India:

• Captain made a great mistake that after 30 over then India was in 126, and they lost 3 three wickets, but he didn’t let Rubel to the ball. The game started to turn from there.

• The decision of not giving out of Rohit Sharma was wrong, that's gone against Bangladesh.

• Mashrafe Bin Mortaza should let Rubel ball against Suresh Rayna, because Rayna is week in a short ball. That time the decision of his balling wasn’t right. The partnership of Suresh Rayna and Rohit Sharma raised the game.

Barack Obama

President Barack ObamaBarack Husain Obama Jr, 44th President of United States. He was elected president for the second time in November 2012. Obama was awarded the Nobel price of peace in 9th October 2009.

Barack Obama is a member of the Democratic Party of USA. Before that he was elected as a representative or senator of the Ilion state of the USA. Barack Obama won the presidential election held on 4th November 2008 and was sworn in 20th January 2009.

Some problems and achievements in finding MH370

MH370It’s been a year. Still, they are searching for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Relatives of the 239 passengers of the plane still hope full about having them back.

At Malaysian and Australian joint financial support for ships are searching almost 60 thousand square kilometer area of the Indian Ocean. There is no history of searching such a huge area in the past. Chief of this operation Martin Dolan said, before that there was a search for missing aircraft of Air France. The plane got missed on the way from Rio De Geniro to Paris in 2009. WE found the plane after searching for two years. But the searching area was one fourth than this time informed Dolan.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Sheikh MujibSheikh Mujibur Rahman, one of the main political leader of the country who leaded the movement to establish Bangladesh from East Pakistan and considered as the father of the nation. He was the chief of Awami League founded by Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani, first President of Bangladesh and after that he was the Prime Minister of the country. He is publicly known as “Sheikh Mujib” and “Seikh Saheb” and his title is “Bangabondhu”. His daughter Sheikh Hasina Wajed is present Party chairman and Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

After the partition of India in 1947 Sheikh Mujib was involved in student politics in the early ages of East Pakistan. Eventually he became the national leader of Awami League. He has the ability of giving high quality speech. He raised movement

Market capitalization fell by 4 thousand 365 crore taka

Market capitalizationMost of the price of company’s share has decreased for the continuing decline in price for one week in the stock market. In the last week, market turnover has reduced by 10 percent. General shareholders are selling their shares because they are afraid of the frequent reduction of price. Market related peoples are thinking that some governmental institutions, including ICB are buying shares to support the market.

Last week the index rate of country’s main stock market Dhaka Stock Exchange has reduced by 98 points than the previous week and now it’s 4 thousand 664 points. DS-30 index reduces by 41 points than last week, and now it’s 1 thousand 730 points and DSES index has reduced by 18 points and now it’s 1 thousand 112 points. The transaction of last