Liberia Ebola-free: the World Health Organization announced

Liberia Ebola freeThe World Health Organization has declared in the West African country Liberia Ebola-free. The organization's headquarters in Geneva issued a statement, Liberia in the past 42 days there have not been any new cases.

Is called, Microbial Ebola incubation period in humans is 21 days. Since the days of no new infections have more than doubled, so that was the end of the Ebola epidemic.

Liberia's president says he is now filled comforter or hopes neighboring Sierra Leone and Guinea are soon to be declared Ebola-free.

If cluster bombs are banned, but why the United States distributed us?

Cluster BombsSaudi Arabia has confessed they are used ban cluster bombs in Yemen. The army spokesman Brigadier General Ahmed Asiri said, Human Rights Watch (HRW) already declared that this bomb is banned, those bombs we are perches from US. HRW report to be published about cluster bombs after Saudi spokesman said that. US TV channel CNN informs to the information.

The Saudi army spokesman claimed His country only access to all of the bombs for destroying the Yemen's military equipment. He said that cluster bombs were not banned if the bombs are banned, then why America sells it to us? Ahmed Asiri claimed the CBU-105 type’s cluster bombs were only used for the destruction of military equipment. These are not being used on the town. We do not use for killing people.

There is no adequate preparation against earthquakes

EarthquakesThere is no adequate preparation if an earthquake happens in the densely populated Dhaka city. There is no equipment necessary, efficient manpower and management of integrated rescue. Not only Dhaka there is prepared in all over the country. Authority thinks about the preparation when an earthquake happens. But after that they don’t take any real plans. It has been known from many sources of Fire Service and Civil Defense.

Disaster experts said, coordinated steps must be taken before and after disasters like earthquakes. A realistic plan must be made for this. Citizens should be trained for this gradually. Authorities said Bangladesh is one of the world’s earthquakes vulnerable counties. A devastating earthquake may hit the country at any time. Mega city Dhaka is at risk of

Nepal earthquake death toll exceeds one thousand

DharaharaA powerful earthquake caused extensive damage and killed in Nepal. According to the latest death toll exceeds one thousand people, many were wounded and missing. Many people are still buried under collapsed numerous buildings. Nepali Police Says; the death toll could rise.

The epicenter of the earthquake an area between the capital Kathmandu and the city of Pokhara with a magnitude of 7.9, the worst in 81 years. Nepal is not only the entire North India, Pakistan and across Bangladesh this is earthquake feels like.

Relatives could not find the missing two years

Rana PlazaRana Plaza tragedy is going two years. It is the world's biggest garments factory accident; the official number of people dead in the crash of 1136. However, there is controversy about the number of dead and missing.

Rana Plaza building collapse, two years after the official as saying so far, 135 workers name make sure are listed as missing. But unofficially this number is much higher.

Government and the private sector, many operations these workers are still missing after the DNA test.