324 passengers were killed, and four and a half lakh were injured

Political ViolenceVehicles were being affected most by the violence of the political agenda. Innocent common people are being killed brutally. Assets of thousands of career take are burnt. In some cases, drivers, passengers, and transport workers are burnt by petrol bombs. Thousands of vehicles are the victims of so-called political revenge. In last 25 months, 324 passengers across the country were killed in political violence. And four lakh 42 thousand 865 people were injured, including children and women.

This information came in a monitoring report entitled ‘Public transport, politics and violence with passenger’s report – 2015’ Bangladesh Passengers Welfare Association publish that on the last Wednesday at Press Club. Secretary General Mozammel Hoque Chowdhury read the report in the function presided by the Chairman of the organization Sharif Rafikujjaman. It is seen in the report that, 222 passengers and 73 drivers and transport workers were killed by petrol bomb in the political violence from January of 2013 to the 10th National election on 5th January 2014. By this time 26 thousand 374 vehicles were vandalized, one thousand 162 vehicles were slightly burnt, and 781 vehicles were fully burnt. Besides fishplate of the rail line were opened 21 times and 3 attempted times to sabotage in a waterway. In this violence 3 lakh 73 thousand and 425 passengers were killed. And almost 13 thousand 223 people were crippled for these incidents.

Now 18 passengers and 11 transport workers were killed in the so-called strike and shut down from 5th January 2015 to 20th January. By this time 572, vehicles were slightly burnt, and 65 vehicles were completely burnt. And three thousand 231 vehicles were vandalized. Besides 50 buses were burnt, and 317 buses were vandalized of Government transport agency BRTC. Now four times attempted to sabotage the railway; and in these incidents 55 thousand and 217 passengers were injured.

Mojammel Hoque said, the tendency, of gaining political agendas by using public transport, is increasing in the last three decades starting from the Anti-Ershad movement. He said road of public use is now used for political programming. It’s not politics. However, ruling party using the transport sector to prevent the movement of opposition. The evidence can be seen from the past; four-arty alliance government used to stop the transport to prevent the movement of League Awami.

Vehicles were being affected

Government supported transport owners are using public transport to stop the movement of oppositions all the time. In this case, they are not thinking about the lives of the passengers and transport workers. He said it was very sad for an independent and civilized country. Now every person in the country is in extreme panic. Violence takes different forms every day. People who are killed are not the workers of ruling party or opposition, they are common people. They urged the political parties to change their form of the political movement and agenda on behalf of the Bangladesh Passengers Welfare Association.

Among others Professor of Mass Communication and Journalism Department of Jagannath University Professor Rajib Mir and Principal Kamal Ataur Rahman, Professor Asik Khan Not of Tejgaon College and researcher of the BRAC Brasilia Raj were present in the report publishing function.

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