Abbas Uddin Ahmad

Abbas Uddin Ahmad

Abbas Uddin Ahmad

Abbas Uddin Ahmad is a renowned Bengali folk singer. This outstanding singer was born on 27th October 1901 at the Boloypur village of Tufangonj Subdivision in Kuchbihar District of West Bengal. His father Zafar Ali was an advocate of Tufangonj Subdivision. Abbas Uddin started his educational life at Bolorampur School. He passed entrance from the Tufangonj School in 1919 and was from the Kuchbihar College in 1921. He was failing in B.A. from this College and entered into the world of music.

Abbas Uddin is known nationwide as a singer. He sang Modern songs, Patriotic songs, Islamic songs, Folk songs. But his originality and success is in folk song. He had no master in this music world. He showed his talent to everyone. Initially, he was a singer of the village. He became attracted to music by listening them from Jatra, Theater, Cultural events of school-college and learned music by his effort. After that, he learned classical music from Ustad Jamiruddin Kha for some days. Abbas Uddin gained popularity by singing Vaoaia and Khirdhol Chotka of Rangpur and Kuchbihar region. Then he was popular by singing Bhatiali, Jari, Shari, Murshidi, Bicchedi, Dehattob, Morshia, Pala and other kinds of songs.

Abbas Uddin was unique for compassionate and melodious voice. He sang much Islamic ideological song written by Kazi Nazrul Islam, Jashimuddin, Golam Mustafa and many others. Abbas Uddin was the first Muslim, who launched his record from HMV using real names. Those records were commercially successful. So many other Hindu singers sang songs using Muslim name. Abbas Udding lived in Kolkata from 1931 to 1947. At first he worked temporarily in Writers building and then permanently in the Agriculture department as a Clark. He entered into public service as a recording expert when A K Fazlul Haque was a minister. Abbas Uddin’s songs played a vital role in mobilizing the support of the Muslim masses at the time of 40’s movement. After the division (in 1947) he worked as an Additional Song Organizer in Dhaka. He joined the South-East Asian Music Conference in Manila in 1955, International Folk Music Conference of Germany in 1956 and the conference of Bengali literature of Rangoon in 1957 as a representative of Pakistan.

Farhad Mazhar said about Abbas Uddin: Abbas Uddin was not only a singer, if the singers of this generation think that Abbas Uddin won the hearts of people only by singing then they will make a great mistake. Abbas was holding the struggles and aspiration of that time, Kazi Nazrul Islam and more others were with him. His children Ferdausi Rahman and Mustafa Jaman Abbasi have gained fame by singing.

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