Bangladeshi Scientists are on The Way to Victory on Cancer by Robot

Victory on Cancer by RobotOne of the great success news by Bangladeshi scientists in the international media. A group of scientists led by Dr. Taher Abu Saif invents “Living robot”. They are now the “robot revolution” doorsteps. It will be possible to conquer cancer if they succeed.

In The New York Times, 31 December of 2015, a Pulitzer Prize- winner columnist wrote, in 2016 technology has been the biggest revolution in the United States in a study by researchers at the University of Illinois. The investigator’s teams are led by Dr. Taher Abu Saif of Bangladesh. Leading by him the universities students fulfill their dream of inventing “Living robot”.

These Microscopic robots can swim into the blood. Dr. Taher Abu Saif and his student have made bio bots or “living robot” from Heart cells. Now they are trying to create Organic robot by combining muscle cell and neuron taken from the stem cell. If ongoing research is successful, the neurons can fix itself when and where to go.
Cancer cell
So robots could go into the cancer cell by neurons directive, by going their some Preventive Manufacturer cell can emission the elements of destroying the cancer cell.

Taher Abu Said former outstanding student of the Civil Engineering Department of the Bangladesh University of Engineering became the host of the dream chariot of winning over cancer without using drugs from outside. On the success of him, many are feeling very joyous. They spread the news through social networking by their inception.

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