Boxer Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was a former US Boxer, three-time world heavyweight champion and light heavyweight gold medalist of Olympic. On 1999 BBC and Sports Elaterid declared him sportsman of the century.

Ali was born in Luis villa, Kentucky. Then his father Cassias Markelas clay senior named him after the name of a slavery opposition politician Cassias Clay. Ali joined Islamic organization Nation of Islam and converted to Islam in 1975 and changes his name.

Muhammad Ali was born in 1942. His father Clay senior was a painter of signboard and billboard, and his mother Odisa Gradi Clay was a housewife. Though Clay senior was a Methodist but he gave permission to his wife to take his children to Baptist.

Starting of boxing life

On 1954 one day Ali’s bicycle was stolen, and then he said to the police officer (Martin) that he wanted to beat the thief. Officer (Boxing coach of that city) tells him for this he must have to learn to fight. The next day he began to learn Boxing from Martin. He taught him how to hatch sting like bees dancing like butterflies. He won Olympic gold medal in 1960.

6’ 3’’ height Muhammad Ali’s peculiarity was that like all he did not put his hands in front of his face, he placed their sides of his body. He relied on inherent movements of his opponent to prevent licking. He won his first professional fight on 29-10-1960. From 1960 to 1963 he won consecutively 19 fights of them 15 was knocked out. In 1963, he won a controversial fight of ten bouts against Doug Jones.

After that, he was considered as a competitor of champion boxer Sony Liston, but anyone didn’t expect that he would win. But before the fight, he declared that he will sting like a bee by dancing like a butterfly.

Liston was over confident. Ali’s expedition saved him from the fist of Liston. He was able to fist him for his height. During 4th round, Liston got control. At that time dust enters in Ali’s eye, so he couldn’t see properly. He was just saving him from Liston. Ali recovered while 6th round and Liston accepted defeat in the 7th round, for which many people suspected that the match was fixed.

In March 1971 Ali faced Joe Frazier that is known as ‘best fight of the century’. That fight was combat of two legendary boxers which thrilled everyone. Joe won the match, and Ali was defeated for the first time. However, he regains his title in a fight back in 1974.

Taking Islam

He took Muslim religion in 1975. According to him, for this Chief of Nation of Muslim W.D. Muhammad was responsible.

In 1975 Ali fought with Frazier. Everybody was excited for the fight of two heroes. At the end of round 14 Frazier’s coaches didn’t let him fight because his one eye was closed then. Frazier retired after some days. In a fight of 1978, he lost his title in a battle against Lion Sphinx Olympic medalist of 1976. He is the first who lost against an unprofessional. He took retirement in 1979.


However, he returned in 1980 to take his title from Larry Holmes. Larry was his student, so everyone was eager for a fight. Ali was defeated after 11 rounds. It was found after that he got a severe injury in the brain. He got a leakage into his brain. After that, he was retired in 1981 (with 56 wins 37 knockouts five defeats). He is “The Best Ever” Boxer.

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