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Bangladesh is now a lower-middle-income country: World Bank

World BankBangladesh low-income countries are now out of the lower middle-income countries has increased. Wednesday the World Bank released a list of information came up.

Bangladesh’s per capita income is 1,046 USD. That the country’s per capita income is 1046 USD to 4125 USD, the World Bank put this country on the list of lower middle-income countries. Continue reading

The traffic in the four countries signed an agreement with Bangladesh

Indian HighwayBangladesh, India, Nepal and Bhutan in the road goods and passenger traffic have been signed today. Communications ministers of the four countries signed the agreement in Bhutan’s capital Thimphu.

According to official information, Today’s agreement is a demo agreement, after then technical aspects of considering to another agreement and protocols.

Under the agreement between the three types of vehicles, these four countries will be able to navigate. These include passenger vehicles such as buses or private cars and the cargo. Continue reading

Market capitalization fell by 4 thousand 365 crore taka

Market capitalizationMost of the price of company’s share has decreased for the continuing decline in price for one week in the stock market. In the last week, market turnover has reduced by 10 percent. General shareholders are selling their shares because they are afraid of the frequent reduction of price. Market related peoples are thinking that some governmental institutions, including ICB are buying shares to support the market.

Last week the index rate of country’s main stock market Dhaka Stock Exchange has reduced by 98 points than the previous week and now it’s 4 thousand 664 points. DS-30 index reduces by 41 points than last week, and now it’s 1 thousand 730 points and DSES index has reduced by 18 points and now it’s 1 thousand 112 points. The transaction of last week was 1 thousand 508 crore taka. Which is 165 crore taka less than the previous week? And it decreased 10 point 91 percent. Continue reading

Insurance companies are upset for the political violence

Insurance companies in BangladeshInsurance companies are upset about the violent political situation of the country. The insurance industry is facing an identity crisis for continuing violence after the business downturn of 2013 and 2014. Most companies are struggling to manage the cost of the office maintenance. Some companies are bearing the cost of their reserve fund, but they can’t give the salary of the officers-workers. On the other hand, there is 15 crore taka hampering daily in the insurance industry for the continue strike and blockade of 20 party alliance. In this calculation in 39 days with the strike of 1st of January 585 crore taka has been damaged. Of these, from 15th January to 22nd January 16 company had damage of 40 crore 26 lakh 18 thousand and 885 policies. Which is three crore 42 lakh 57 thousand and 973 taka in amount informed Insurance Owners Association Bangladesh Insurance Association (BIA)? In this regard Managing Director of Central Insurance Md. Jahid Anwar said to Manab Kontho that, now there is a ‘disaster’ in the insurance industry. Continue reading