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There are 75 thousand crore taka losses in business: FBCCI

FBCCITop organization of businessmen, FBCCI claimed that there is a loss of 75 thousand crore taka in various sectors of business in running blockades and strikes. They claimed that on the last Sunday in the opposing standing program in front of the FBCCI building of Motijheel from 12.00 pm to 12.15 pm.

President of the organization Kazi Akram Uddin read the memorandum in the program on behalf of all the businessmen. In the program, businessmen urged all the political parties to avoid these violent and destructive works and to follow democratic rules. Continue reading

Nominal Companies are taking money from the Stock Market

Stock MarketNominal companies are taking thousand millions of money of investors from the Stock Market showing their greed and by taking the advantage of unconsciousness the Invertors. Studies have shown that, in the vast majority of companies, most are small capital and family companies.

Investors have applied two and a half to 80 times for the each share of these companies while coming in the IPO. But the share of the company was sold less than the allotted price after a year. Even at the end of the year, it’s remaining in the ‘Z’ category. Continue reading

The economy of the country is at risk for continuous blockade

BlockadeThe economy of the country is at major risk for the political violence. Along with the gas and electricity crisis and the strike and blockade in the last 14 days, the amount of damage is almost 28 thousand crore taka. Transport and communication system of the country has been ruined. Small businessmen and farmers are facing severe losses because they not able to sell their product. The textile industry is losing foreign buyers. For these reasons in the current fiscal year, it started to have an impact on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth. Economists think that if this trend continues this year the GDP growth will less than six percent. Economist Mirza Ajijul Islam said to about the overall economy, after the violence of 2013 the last year the investment in the country was almost still. The investment and revenue in the private sector have been very low. And now for the political uncertainty this fiscal year the economic growth may be 5 percent. Continue reading

The economic growth of Bangladesh will be 6.2 percent: World Bank

The World BankThe World Bank has predicted that, this year the economic growth of Bangladesh will be 6 point 2 percent. And if the overall situation remains stable in the next year the rate can be increased to 6 or 7 percent. The growth rate of 2014 is 6 pint 1 percent. The organization has forecasted considering the stabilized economic situation of the last one year.

On last Wednesday World Bank gave the forecast from the Head Office in Washington in the report ‘World Economic Forecast’ it’s also said in the report that, after passing 2014 a year after the recession Word Bank have forecasted encouraging growth for the developing countries in 2015. World Bank said these countries will get the opportunity for reducing the fuel price. Continue reading