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Bengali Language Movement

Mother LanguageThe Bengali Language Movement was the political and cultural movement of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). The movement happened to protect the fundamental rights surrounded the movement of establishing Bengali language one of the state languages. The move came in the final stage on 21st February 1952, but the fact of the movement started long ago, on the other hand, its reaction and results were far-reaching.

On 1947 British government divided India depending on religion and then Pakistan emerged. But there were lots of differences like cultural, geographical and linguistic between two parts of Pakistan. On 1948, Pakistan government declared that Urdu will be the only state language of Pakistan. People of East Pakistan got angry in the context of the announcement. Practically the people of East Pakistan were not mentally prepared for the sudden and unwarranted decision, and they could not accept it. As a result, a movement started for the equal status of the Bengali language. To resist the movement police imposed section 144 and declared illegal assembly-procession in Dhaka city. Continue reading

Ekushey Book Fair

Ekushey Book FairAmor Ekushey Book Fair is widely known as Ekushey book fair in our country; it is one of the most traditional fairs of independent Bangladesh. Every the fair held throughout February at the premises of Bardhaman House and its surrounded area. Since 2014, the fair also has expanded into the Sohrawardi ground.


On 21st February 1952 a tragic incident happened to dedicate lives of many people for Bengali language, to keep the refresh the fair arranged in this month is named ‘Amor Ekushey Book Fair’. Continue reading

‘Floating School’ in Bangladesh is now a Model for the world

Floating School in Bangladesh

Floating School in Bangladesh

A young architect of Bangladesh Mohammad Rezwan made a floating school on a boat, and now it’s an international model. This school is now run in several countries of the world, and the story of this school has added to the curriculum for the children of a school in the developing countries.

66 percent of 16 crore people of Bangladesh live in the village. It’s a study of 2002 it has been seen that, one-fifth area of the country goes under water during the seasonal flood. And during the major flood two-third of the country goes under water. The biggest victims of these floods are school going children. Most of Primary Schools remain closed during the flood. In the flood of 2007 10 percent of primary education, it means 15 lack students suffered because their school got drowned. Continue reading

Terrorism and crime increasing in Dhaka University, concerns in various communities

Terrorism increasing in Dhaka University

Terrorism increasing in Dhaka University

Four Chhatra League workers have been suspended from the university who attacked renowned photographer Imtiaz Alam Beg and his two nieces who were travelling in the Karjon hall area of Dhaka University.

Acting Proctor of the University Dr. A M Amjad Ali confirmed that the administration decided that on Sunday night. Expelled students are Faruk Hossain of Botany Department, Masum from Physics, Jisan of Statistics and Jahirul Islam by Math Department. They are all first-year students and cadre of Shahidullah Hall Chhatra League President Aminul Islam.

Incidentally, on November 5 Director of Beg Art Foundation Imtiaz Alam Beg came to travel Karjon Hall area with his two nieces of them one life in Canada, and another is working in a human rights organization. At one, stage when they were sitting on the pond side of Shahidullah Hall four students assault them physically. For that, they filed a case against those four unidentified students. This news made a massive braw in media and social media. Continue reading