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#ChristmasChristmas is an annual festival for Christian. The festival celebrated on 25th December on the Birthday of Jesus Christ. It’s not known whether it is Jesus’s actual birthday or not. According to the primeval Christian belief, Mary conceived Jesus nine months prior to the date. Most probably, according to the calculation 25th December is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. In another opinion, it’s said that, it is a historical Roman festival, the tradition of celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ with the winter Solstice in day off on the Northern Hemisphere. The holy day of central Christmas day is the introducing day of twelve days Christmastide of Christianity.

Despite being a Christian Festival, Christmas celebrated by many non-Christians spontaneously. In some cases, even celebratory customs are pre- Christian or secular. Gift-giving, music, exchange of Christmas cards, lightings, mistletoe, the nativity scene and holly’s display in various decorations is a special part of Christmas celebration at this time. In some countries (North America, Australia, and Ireland) the fable of giving gifts from Santa Claus to the children is quite popular. Continue reading

James Bond is coming once again in 2015

#James Bond

James Bond

British Secret Agent James Bond can be a fictional character, but his fans don’t fill their mind seeing him on the silver screen. Do they want to know, when the next movie will be released?

Bond fans have reason to be angry. Now Movie isn’t being made so often with their favorite character. The work of the movie ‘Sky Fall’ was stopped when MGM Studio was almost closed off for debt in 2010. The film released in 2012. This Bond movie broke all the previous records of commercially successful British film. ‘Sky Fall’ did business of 110 million dollars in the World Box Office. Continue reading

The Movie “King of the Sand” Shook Saudi Government

King of The Sand

King of The Sand

Saudi government has broken out with anger in against the promotion of the movie in silver screen named “King of the Sand.

Son of the first king of Saud of Saudi Arabia and a senior member of the ruling royal family, Talal Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud said, their government has already expressed their dissatisfaction against the film “King of the Sand” and they considered the film as a big betrayal against the foundation of Saudi monarchical government.

Talal has criticized the film director, and he said to him the director of “sex war.”

The son of the former Saudi king also said, “We have already contacted with Syrian President Bashar-Al-Assad through the identical friend so that the show of this film can be stopped in this Arab country.” Continue reading