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How to avoid all the risks of Ebola?

The Risks of Ebola

The Risks of Ebola

How does Ebola spread?

Ebola virus spreads quickly through the fluid in the patient’s body. The symptoms of the disease at this stage, patients usually suffer from vomiting, bleeding, diarrhea, etc. Blood, urine and feces are most infectious. In the last stage of the disease huge amount of virus contains in small hatches of these. Any nursing person would not be infected with the virus if he got touched by patient’s blood if he wash his or her hand clearly, but however if his or her hand is wounded or touch the eyes, nose or mouth then the virus will go to his or her body.

What are the symptoms of the disease?

The symptom shows within two to twenty days, but it doesn’t take more than five to seven days. It starts with headaches, fever, kink-gut, muscle inflammation and severe muscle weakness. But most of the symptoms are like Flu so you can’t be sure it is Ebola or not. However, recently if someone shows the symptoms who has returned from West Africa fears this. The next stage of infection is diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain as well as spots in the body. Kidney and Liver can’t work in the normal way. Patients may suffer from internal bleeding even bleeding from ears, nose, eyes and mouth. Continue reading

Middle-Aged, Refrain From Drinking!

Hard Drinking

Hard Drinking

Are you middle-aged? Has the habit of drinking? Be careful from today. It can degrade your mental condition rapidly and also can decrease your memory capture power. This result has been found by a long study on 5 thousand government employees of Britain.

Those who drink more and those who drink everyday but a little – the research had been done between these two groups according to their age. Wednesday, this report was published in Journal Neurology. Mental status examination of those people was taken every five years after. Their thinking power, causal power and memories over retention were examined. In those experiments, all the people were taken, whose average age is now 56. The amount of their alcohol drinking was accounted. Their alcohol intake and mental status information have been collected through various questions for past 20 years. Continue reading