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Myanmar army acknowledged the allegation of involvement in the killing of Rohingya for the first time

RohingyaThe Myanmar army has acknowledged that for the first time, The country’s army personnel were involved in the killing of Rohingya Muslims in recent violence in Rakhine state.

The army says, one investigation has been found, four members of the security forces are involved in killing ten people in Deen village near Maungdaw. according to the report, The soldiers helped the local villagers to carry violent attacks on them by labeling the Rohingya as ‘Bengali Terrorists’. Continue reading

Some countries did not vote on the threat of trump!

TrumpThere was already a conception that the proposal to bring about the decision of US President Donald Trump to Jerusalem will be passed on to the United Nations General Assembly voting very easily. Actually, it happened. But before the voting, the threat of US President Trump and US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley have some anxiety. Because of this, some countries were considered to have abated from voting for the proposal.

Why 128 countries voted for the proposal to criticize the United States on why Jerusalem was criticized, it is clear. They are in favor of the United Nations resolution on the issue of Jerusalem so that negotiations between Palestine and Israel have been mentioned and the 35 countries that had abstained from voting, most of them have been following this trend earlier. Continue reading

Myanmar elections with fear of Rohingya Muslims

Myanmar Elections 2015The elections in Myanmar. The world looked at the election. Aung San Suu Kyi will be selected? Bright possibility for Suu Kyi’s.  However, religious minorities in Myanmar, what is the probability that it will change the fate of the Rohingyas?

Sunday’s general election in the Myanmar. Analysts say the election will turn the country back to democratic rule. Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi is expected that he would be elected. This analytical type news published the press for outside readers.

However, Myanmar’s religious minorities, particularly the Muslim Rohingyas in the interests of the more than fear.  The change came to power after the elections, forcing the Rohingya, and they do not trust that would reduce violence. Continue reading

Is Russian building air bases in Syria?

Russian cargo planesRussia’s military operations near the city of Latakia in Syria, an increase of intense suspicion in the West. West spoke recently the Russian military and people have increased their movements in the Syrian coastal area.

The US Pentagon openly says Russia is establishing an air base in Latakia.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis told we have news Russia has many weapons, provisions and people were deployed in Latakia and around the city. Maybe they had begun the process of establishing a base for the air attack there.

Syrian military activity in the growing Russian news coming at a time when the United States and its Western allies carrying out air strikes against the Islamic state in Syria. Deployment of troops in the proposals being in Syria discussed inside. Continue reading