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France, Kuwait and Tunisia attacks: 52 Dead

Terrorist AttacksThe terrorist attacks on tourist hotels in Tunisia: 37 Dead

At least 37 people were killed the attacks on two hotels in Tunisia Sousse.  The two hotels are known as the tourist hotels.

Unidentified a gunman attacked today. Tunisia’s Interior Ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui already confirmed the killing. He termed the attack a terrorist attack.

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Four hundred thousand Rohingya Muslims need relief: United Nations

RohingyaRohingya Muslims in Myanmar for more than four hundred thousand in need of emergency humanitarian assistance. Anti-Muslim violence in Myanmar and continuing harassment at the United Nations said this.

United Nations Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs agency said last Friday, in the last three year millions of people have been victims of torture and harassment after against Muslims in Myanmar’s Rakhine state and now four hundred and 16 thousand people in need of relief assistance. Continue reading

Many people were missing after ship capsizes in China

Ship capsizes in ChinaIncreasingly feeble recovery hopes any more being found inside a cruise ship that capsized on China.

More than four hundred people with the sinking of the ship after China media said until now they have only 14 people rescued.

Officials say they will continue the campaign to rescue the survivors, but this expected to say that they are expected to fade slowly.

If it is true, then it would be China’s worst in decades, the ship capsizes. Continue reading

Malaysia Airlines ‘Virtually Bankrupt’

Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia Airlines ‘Virtually Bankrupt’ says the organization’s chief executive. The company has laid off nearly 6,000 workers on Malaysia Airlines has announced a plan of reorganization.

Last year, after the crash of two aircraft the company was nationalized after. The Malaysia Airlines said it had offered jobs to 14,000 of its 20,000 workforces.

The new chief executive Mr. Christoph Mueller in May; after coming to the announcement of offered jobs. Continue reading