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How safe your mobile number?

How safe Mobile NumberOnce upon a time obtained a fabrication in Bangladesh by cloning of mobile SIM. Now RAB says that a cycle copy the mobile number only, whose original owner of the number can’t know anything. So the mobile number is not safe also?

Recently calls to the various number by the government officer’s number. Offered the various type of advantages by money. Someone gives the money & someone’s able to know the matter of doubt as a frugality.

Onetime complaints come to RAB & their investigation report shows that the fancy way of money divulging by mobile number frauding. The captain of RAB-4 says that they arrested 14 people with all supporting tools who have involved this type of funding works. But how can use the number by cloning stealthily of the number’s owner?

In answer, Mr. Lutful Kobir, Captain of RAB-4 says, in past was cloned the SIM but now is cloned only the number. So the number’s owner can’t know anything. This work is done by the dedicated server. The call comes to Bangladesh from the USA based on Bangladeshi getaway.

How safe mobile number

The Captain says that the fraud service provider sells the system in package size. Who has Smartphone he/she can download the app? After installing the app, anyone can clone/copy the number easily. But the expert Sumon Ahmed Sabir is not agreed with Lutful Kabir.

He says this is not an easy way without the SIM operator’s person’s help. He also thinks that should careful the gateway operators, by which can’t come this type of call.

The big operator Grameen Phone’s Chief Corporate affairs officer Mahmud Hasan says that here nothing to do the number users. The international Gateway operator can get strong prevention way.

In Bangladesh clone is done since four years so The Dhaka Metropolitan Police was taken any awareness program. So that people can alert about the clone.

The police get the SIM cloning evidence by the investigation of the advice & request by calling on some of Senior Government Officer’s phone from others richest person’s number. Operators & Experts think that prevention of the cloning by using the apps or software should do by the law enforcement forces.

And they have to do this work by the combination of agencies, mobile operators & International gateway operator. If it is possible so mobile numbers will safe & will close the opportunity of the clone works.

Solar furnace will give unlimited energy

Solar Furnace

Solar Furnace

Unlimited energy – but no pollution or harmful side effects. No shortage of raw materials, even it’s free. If everything goes right, this dream could become a reality in the mid-century.

To bring fire of the sun to the earth – that is the dream of nuclear fusion researchers. Hydrogen atoms got melted in few million degrees Celsius temperatures. Huge amount of fuel made in this process. But still now this solar furnace is too small, so these projects are not beneficial.

An experimental furnace is made named ‘Eater’ in Kadarsh in the south of France. 30 meters long and 23000 tonnes heavy steel cage will be made here in a few years. Researchers want to make ten times more fuel that they will use to run the furnace.

‘Eater’ is an international project. In addition to Europe; China, Russia, India and USA also taking part in the project. Initially, the projected cost of the is taken 1500 crore Euro for the time being. European Union is bearing its half. Continue reading

Cyclone having a feminine name is ‘more lethal’



If the cyclone Katrina effects deadly on the cost of New Airlines of USA in 2005 had a Masculine name, so it would do little rampages? This idea has been obtained by researchers from the statistical analysis of the past 62 years.

Researchers of Illinois, University said, The cyclone or Hurricane stroked in USA from 1950 to 2012 feminine named cyclones are three times much destructive than the masculine’s. For this, they are blaming the psychology of Americans.

Scientists said; people take the feminine named storm slightly. On the other hand, they are much more careful about the masculine named storms.

When depression turned out in a cyclone in the sea, then that has been given a name to save the data and avoid confusion. The work of name giving is done from the predefined list. Continue reading

Pinterest Adds Wiser Search Tool

Pinterest Adds Wiser Search Tool

Pinterest Adds Wiser Search Tool

Pinterest is adding new search features to assist customers better navigate the 30 billion hooks on the website.

The company just introduced Led Search, something new that allows customers filter their search with the addition of specific filters highly relevant to the initial search phrase.

For example, trying to find “hair styles” will provide filters like “wedding,” “round face,” or “short hair.” Customers are trying to find “hamburgers” could see filters like “vegan” or “easy quality recipes.” Filters could be added or removed without departing looking search engines and appearance on mobile as visual tiles underneath the search bar.

Anticipation is the fact that customers will see more relevant content, in addition to uncovering new content they did not know these were searching for, states Pinterest Boss Ben Silbermann. Continue reading