#ChristmasChristmas is an annual festival for Christian. The festival celebrated on 25th December on the Birthday of Jesus Christ. It’s not known whether it is Jesus’s actual birthday or not. According to the primeval Christian belief, Mary conceived Jesus nine months prior to the date. Most probably, according to the calculation 25th December is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. In another opinion, it’s said that, it is a historical Roman festival, the tradition of celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ with the winter Solstice in day off on the Northern Hemisphere. The holy day of central Christmas day is the introducing day of twelve days Christmastide of Christianity.

Despite being a Christian Festival, Christmas celebrated by many non-Christians spontaneously. In some cases, even celebratory customs are pre- Christian or secular. Gift-giving, music, exchange of Christmas cards, lightings, mistletoe, the nativity scene and holly’s display in various decorations is a special part of Christmas celebration at this time. In some countries (North America, Australia, and Ireland) the fable of giving gifts from Santa Claus to the children is quite popular.

The extent of giving gifts including The Christmas Festival and many other aspects has an important impact in the Christian and non-Christian economy. The festival is a particular season for business. The economic impact of Christmas in different regions of the world has grown slowly in the past few centuries. In India and Bangladesh Christmas is celebrated as a national holiday.


In most countries of the world, Christmas is celebrated as a major festival and public holiday. Even it celebrated in many non-Christian majority countries. The former colonial rule introduced the celebration of Christmas in some non-Christian countries. And other Christian minority countries started celebrating Christmas for foreign cultural influence. However, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao), Japan, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Iran, Turkey and North Korea and some other countries don’t celebrate Christmas as a public holiday.

In most countries, Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year. But some Eastern National Church of Russia, Georgia, Egypt, Armenia, Ukraine and Serbia celebrates Christmas on 7th January. Because these churches use the traditional Julian calendar; and 25th December of Julian calendar is 7th January authentic Georgian Calendar.

Globally, for the difference of cultural and national values the celebration form of Christmas is different naturally. Though the number of Christian in Japan and Korea is, very few, but Christmas is a popular festival there. The secular aspects of Christmas such as gift giving, Decoration was taken in these countries.

The birthday of Lord Jesus

In Christianity, Christmas is the birthday of Lord Jesus. According to Christian belief, it is said in the future telling of Old Testament Messianic that; their Savior will bear in the womb of the Virgin Mary. It is said in the new Bible Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 1:18 – 2:12) and Luke Gospel (Luke 1:26 – 2:40) that the birth of Jesus is the foundation of Christmas. According to this, Mary gave birth of Lord Jesus in Bethlehem City with her husband Joseph. According to popular thinking, Jesus was born in a stable, surrounded by farm animals. Neither the Stable nor the animals are specifically mentioned in the Bible. Although it’s described in the Luke Gospel (Luke 2:7): “She gave birth to the eldest son, and laid him in a manger entanglement with cloth, because there was no place in the i

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