‘Floating School’ in Bangladesh is now a Model for the world

Floating School in Bangladesh

Floating School in Bangladesh

A young architect of Bangladesh Mohammad Rezwan made a floating school on a boat, and now it’s an international model. This school is now run in several countries of the world, and the story of this school has added to the curriculum for the children of a school in the developing countries.

66 percent of 16 crore people of Bangladesh live in the village. It’s a study of 2002 it has been seen that, one-fifth area of the country goes under water during the seasonal flood. And during the major flood two-third of the country goes under water. The biggest victims of these floods are school going children. Most of Primary Schools remain closed during the flood. In the flood of 2007 10 percent of primary education, it means 15 lack students suffered because their school got drowned.

Sidhuil village of Gurudashpur Thana in Cholon bil area of Nator is a flood affected community. Architect Mohammad Rezwan is the son of this village; he made boat school for the flood affected children after completing his study.

In 1998, a young architect Mohammad Rezwan formed a non-profit organization named Sidhuil Self-reliant organization in his village. The village id flood affected and surrounded by large reservoirs. Rezwan thought; he has to use the tanks actually to develop the community. With this thought, he started to design a school in the boat. With this thought, he created a school in the vessel and made ‘Floating School’. The school began in 2002. And on the journey his fund was only 500 US dollars of his scholarship. But he got another 5000 US dollars donation after a year. And then he didn’t need to look back.

There is a classroom, library everything in the boat like general school. However, this school is more modernized than the school in the ground. The school is decorated with Computer and other electronics devices that are used in teaching. There is a solar panel on the roof of the school. This power employed in the evening, the village can be lighted with this. Children of almost 90 thousand families are now taking the advantage of the modern floating school. 1810 children are now studying in 22 schools.

The length of the schools is 55 feet, and width is 11 feet. 30 students can study in a school at the time. Parents are also getting familiar with Computer and information and Technology as well as their children.

Founder and Executive director of Sidhuail self-reliant organization architect Mohammad Rezwan fourteen National and International awards for establishing boat school and giving free education to the underprivileged children of the village. Two documentaries have been built regarding his project. Many other countries started this boat school for the threat of climate change. Cambodia, Nigeria, Philippines, Vietnam, and Zambia are of them.

This Floating Boat project is being taught in the latest curriculum as the extraordinary image of the struggle of the crisis of climate change in the future. Mohammad Rezwan said in this regard that, many cities may drown due to climate change in the future. And in flood-affected countries like Bangladesh survival is a significant challenge. Floating school is seen as a model to meet the challenge on the international level. This class has been added to the curriculum of developed countries like USA, Japan, and Slovenia.

A documentary has been made by this remarkable invention of the floating school named ‘Easy like Water’. Renowned documentary maker Glen Baker made this. Producer of the documentary is Stephen Sapienja. In the film, the scene of sidhuail village and Cholon bil has been added as well as the Boat School. Sufferings of people during erosion and flood came up in the film. The film has been shown almost 800 times in several countries.

He informed, after making Boat school with his scholarship and lightning the village with solar panel he is working to build a self-reliant Bangladesh. He is now working to make floating vegetable garden and poultry project. And he has a dream of promoting the Floating school to Floating University. However, for this he needs more funding. It’s very hard to collect funds. Mohammad Rezwan is now making this hard effort.

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