Four hundred thousand Rohingya Muslims need relief: United Nations

RohingyaRohingya Muslims in Myanmar for more than four hundred thousand in need of emergency humanitarian assistance. Anti-Muslim violence in Myanmar and continuing harassment at the United Nations said this.

United Nations Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs agency said last Friday, in the last three year millions of people have been victims of torture and harassment after against Muslims in Myanmar’s Rakhine state and now four hundred and 16 thousand people in need of relief assistance.

In one hundred and 40 thousand Rohingya Muslims, there are several refugee camps that are living in miserable conditions through. Also, there are many isolated villages where many cannot reach any help.

Stephane Dujarric UN spokesman said Treatment and necessary products for life had become a major concern not be able to reach for this Rohingya Muslims. He said the Muslim Rohingya refugee displacement about 40 thousand people living within 500 meters of the sea. The upcoming rainy season time when they are extreme weather conditions will be difficult to leave them.

Rohingya Muslims

More than 1 million 3 hundred Rohingya Muslims have lived in Myanmar. But the government does not recognize their citizenship, even government control they are children birth. Government job or Non-government job are like a ‘Golden Deer’ for them. According to the United Nations, the world’s most persecuted Rohingya population.

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