In particular baby food in Bangladesh for Malnourished children

Malnourished children in BangladeshSalma’s story…

Salma is an eleven month old child. The International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research (ICDDR,B) Hospital in Dhaka was admitted her for affected with Diarrhea and pneumonia.

A child of this age to be approximately weight 8 kilograms. But Salma has been just 4 kilograms of weight. Salma’s father is a rickshaw driver and very much less his income.

Household food security contempt as well as frequent diarrhea and other diseases, infections due to the weightlessness of the child Doctors think. The child is suffering from critical severe acute malnutrition diseases and treated her accordingly the symptoms.

More than twenty days after the baby becomes healthy for necessary treatment. 2-kilogram weight increases her from released the hospital.

Doctors say Salma’s death could happen to this extreme malnutrition. Because of severe acute undernourished children than a healthy child, almost ten times the risk of death.

The baby’s brain development is hampered due to malnutrition sharply.

Innovation of severe acute malnutrition in children

Nearly six million children’s are around the world suffering from severe acute malnutrition. Many children’s are who suffer from acute malnutrition in Bangladesh.

The ICDDRB’s Some children with severe acute malnutrition in the lame nutrition scientists, have created a two special meal for some children with severe acute malnutrition. The child of the poor parents this severe acute malnutrition.

To identify these children are diseases and if measures can be taken for treatment at home, in the process is very important. It’s made with rice and peas.


‘Golden’ day countdown

The both food names are Golden-1 and Golden-2. It will be sent Bangladesh’s Community clinics, health complexes, hospitals and privet primary health care centers. The food will be distributed free to the children those are affected by malnutrition.

It will be useful for India, Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia, and other countries in the region. Because this food made with rice, peas and vetch, says the ICDDRB’s researchers.

Monday began a two-day international conference that this information highlight ICDDRB.

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