Is Russian building air bases in Syria?

Russian cargo planesRussia’s military operations near the city of Latakia in Syria, an increase of intense suspicion in the West. West spoke recently the Russian military and people have increased their movements in the Syrian coastal area.

The US Pentagon openly says Russia is establishing an air base in Latakia.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis told we have news Russia has many weapons, provisions and people were deployed in Latakia and around the city. Maybe they had begun the process of establishing a base for the air attack there.

Syrian military activity in the growing Russian news coming at a time when the United States and its Western allies carrying out air strikes against the Islamic state in Syria. Deployment of troops in the proposals being in Syria discussed inside.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis told openly there may clash with the West for the Russian military actions.

The BBC’s journalist Barbara Plett says from New York, Pentagon also fear that the walked-up Russian support will fortify the regime of President Bashar al-Assad at a time when it has been losing around the battlefield and can complicate recent efforts to find a political solution to the conflict.

Russian air bases

Recently Syrian government has lost territory to the insurgents some new. The northeastern province of Idlib government forces lost control of a very important air base. After that Syrian state, media reported that two Russian cargo planes in Syria. That is the suspicion of the United States.

However, Russia and Syrian government told, tents and other relief materials for refugees have been brought.  This explanation does not believe the United States and their allies are cautious.

The Bulgarian government has refused to Russian military planes to use their air.

Russia supported the Syrian current government. On the other hand, United States would fall Bashar Assad’s government.

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