Maradona is very upset over the Argentina team

Diego MaradonaPrior to the match against Nigeria on Tuesday, Diego Maradona request Argentine players to meet.

After losing 3-0 goals to Croatia, Argentina must win against Nigeria for the second round. ‘Angry and frustrated’ Maradona has criticized Argentina Football Association president Claudio Tapia. FIFA World Cup in 1986, Argentine team’s winner hero Maradona got the ‘Golden Ball’ award as the best player of the year.

Maradona said, “He wants to meet the players of Jorge Sampaoli and want to take with him some former players of Argentina.” Maradona said to a TV channel in Venezuela, “We want to protect our respect.”

“I am angry inside and very frustrated. No one wants to wear the jersey of the country, it does not want to be trampled,” said Maradona. Diego Maradona is upset over Argentina’s president of Football Association for appointing Jorge Sampaoli as a football coach.

Maradona complains that when Sampaoli computer, drone and 14 assistants with joined the work, everyone accepted it.

Argentine Football Federation's President Claudio Tapia (R) and Argentina's Javier Mascherano

Argentine Football Federation’s President Claudio Tapia (R) and Argentina’s Javier Mascherano

Argentine Football Association President Claudio Tóthia has held a press conference on Sunday, where the team midfielder Javier Mascherano was also present. Mascherano denies any kind of dispute players with coach Sampaoli. Mascherano denied any rebellion against Coach.

He says, “Our relationship with the coach is completely normal. If we have any discomfort, then we will show it. If we do not do that, then it will be cheated.” Mascherano said, They talked to the coach about the game. The coach showed their way to the strategy of the game, he said.

“He (coach) wanted to know what happened to us in the field? So that he can decide. This is the basis of football game.”

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