Medicine of Ebola virus in West Africa in a few weeks

Medicine of Ebola Virus

Medicine of Ebola Virus

World Health Organization said that they would send the medicine of Ebola virus to West Africa in a few weeks that they made from the blood of Ebola recovered peoples.

A senior official of WHO Dr. Merry Paul Kenny said that, the serum has been made for the treatment of Ebola virus, and it can be found in Liberia within a few weeks. She informed that they were making the serum from the antibody found in the blood of Ebola recovered peoples.

She said that, they are making the serum cure the infected peoples, and they are working here in partnership with three seriously affected countries of West Africa. And the process of blood collection and use will start in Liberia within the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, it is reported that there has been a collision between peoples in the Eastern part of Sierra Leone centering an Ebola infected patient. When medically came to take a 90 year old women suspecting that she might be infected with Ebola, her son started to throw stones on them. Then riot caused in Koidu town. Police is done open firing and gave Curfew to stop the riot. For these two people killed there.

And USA imposed stricter rules to go America for any person of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

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