MH 370 is being missing for six months

MH 370

MH 370

There is the history of searching a missing aircraft like this in the history of navigate: spending a huge amount of time and using the power, and with the amount of intensity and concentration. But there is no sign or trace of the plane six months after the accident.

The details of the plan have memorized: 8th March 2014. The plane of Malaysian airlines Boeing 777 disappeared on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. There were 227 passengers and 12 crews in the plane. In total, they are citizens of 14 countries. All members of the crew are of Malaysia led by experienced pilot Jahari Ahmad Sah. And two-third passengers were Chinese citizens.

The plane was supposed to go northeast from KL towards Cambodia and Vietnam. It was known within a few days that the aircraft has surely changed its direction. Then search done on the South China Sea, Malacca Canal and at last southern part of the Indian Ocean.

Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Thailand, India, Australia, New Zealand and USA sent aircraft and ships to assist finding the aircraft MH370.

Australian ‘Search Coordinators’ are saying that, satellite experts are keeping their eyes on the search zone of 60 thousand square kilometer area of the southern part of the Indian ocean. It is seen in the satellite data that, the plane may have turned to the south much earlier which was witnessed before. Now a Dutch Under Water Survey Company and a ship of Chinese navy had been ordered to ‘sonar’ and video equipment to search the zone widely. This ‘survey’ may take up to one year.

At last, it is almost impossible to say what happened with MH370 before the Black Box of the plane found out. The plane has been kidnapped; the aircraft has been the victim of sabotage or terrorism, it is a theory; Pilot and co-pilot may have committed suicide alone or together, it’s another theory. But it’s needed to think of those peoples who have no power to think like these rumors: they are the relatives of the missing passengers. The trace of MH370 should be taken out just to end their mourning and mental peace.

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