Most of Muslims in West Bengal are the day laborer, there is no guaranteed employment

West Bengal Muslims

West Bengal Muslims

Most Muslims are the day laborer in India’s West Bengal. They don’t have any confirmed employment. Almost half of the family’s educational standard didn’t cross the initial level.

In a survey of two groups showed the report about the Muslim’s lives and livelihoods in the state, two organizations named ‘PRAP’ and ‘Guidance Guild’ made the report on 97 thousand Muslim families from State’s 19 district’s Muslims dominated 326 villages and 75 cities.

Poet Sankha Ghosh and Literary Nabanita Deb Sen published a report titled, ‘Muslim’s position in West Bengal’ in an event in the Indian Science Congress Association auditorium. Sankha Ghosh said ignorance is not a good side of any nation. This report was needed. For this, minorities can know more about their condition.

According to Nabanita Dev Sen, one of the parts of the country may not be discriminated between people. It has to change.

According to the report, the rate of illiteracy is 17.59%. And 12% educational qualification is below the primary level. Only 4.85% of Muslims are graduated, and 1.86% are up to graduate.

The literacy rate is lowest in North Dinajpur district. After that there are Nadia, Purulia and Koch Bihar. More than 4% Muslim hasn’t seen the light of education in Kolkata. Professionals like Doctors, and Engineers are only 2.02%.

It is also said in the report, in the Muslim dominated villages 27.17% are clogged a street. 18% are the mud road in the village. 9% villages have roads. 4% is made of concrete. 8% surveyed villages do not have electricity. However, 94% villages have a tube well for villagers use. Among them, 69% tubes well set by themselves.  Public tube wells found in 36% villages.

35% villagers have to go minimums four kilometres away to the government hospital. 12% villagers have a clinic eight kilometres away. 46% government hospital has no bed. 45% villagers have to depend on the quacks.

Educationist Miratun Nahar, Ochin Chatterjee, Kumar Rana also presented at the event. A complete report will be published in the last of the year, said from the two organizations.

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