Myanmar army acknowledged the allegation of involvement in the killing of Rohingya for the first time

RohingyaThe Myanmar army has acknowledged that for the first time, The country’s army personnel were involved in the killing of Rohingya Muslims in recent violence in Rakhine state.

The army says, one investigation has been found, four members of the security forces are involved in killing ten people in Deen village near Maungdaw. according to the report, The soldiers helped the local villagers to carry violent attacks on them by labeling the Rohingya as ‘Bengali Terrorists’.

Last month, the Myanmar army announced the investigation of 10 head skulls from a mass grave in Dein village. The result of the investigation is given of the Army Commander-in-Chief’s Facebook page and it is said that the massacre was executed on last 2nd September.

According to the report, “It is true that both the villagers and members of the security forces have acknowledged that they have killed 10 ‘Bengali terrorists’.”

Here is also said that the army will take action against those responsible for the incident. However, it is also said that “such an incident happened because the Buddhist community was frightened and persecuted by terrorists”.

Myanmar Army

But this is the first confession of the Myanmar Army. There are allegations of ethics killing in Myanmar’s Rakhine state.

Six and a half million Rohingya people have taken shelter in neighboring Bangladesh since the beginning of the violence in August.

Many incidents of murder, rape, and torture have been reported from them. They accused the army of burning their villages in support of the local Buddhist community and killed many civilians. Although Myanmar military authorities denied the violence against civilians.

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