Myanmar sends back two hundred Bangladeshi

Human TraffickingMyanmar’s foreign minister Wunna Maung Lwin says, Myanmar navy had 284 rescued from the sea between them in the first two hundred percent in Bangladeshi and Bangladesh government has agreed to take them back.

Myanmar’s foreign minister told a news conference on Thursday, On 21 may their navy to remain stuck a boat in the sea near the Bangladesh border, and then Immigration seekers these shores was recovered.

He says the second time more than seven hundred people were rescued, how many of them Bangladeshis; it is beginning to be identified.

The foreign minister Wunna Maung Lwin told a news conference, the Bangladeshi Ambassador had a meeting with him in the capital Naypyidaw on Thursday, their ambassador told; on 7th June Sunday they would be taken back them.

However, the Bangladesh embassy in Myanmar’s officials says, the first round of the 284 people from the sea rescue number is one hundred and fifty people in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi Deputy Chief embassy Tariq Mohammed in Myanmar said, our consular team to verify the documents rescued one hundred and fifty people has been identified as Bangladeshi.

He says Malaysia recovered whose people floating in the sea; Indonesia and Thailand were kept in different places; to verify that procedures are being followed by their identity; the same method using the Bangladeshis was identified in Myanmar.

Human rescued from the Sea

But how to back which way would be to take them it will be integrated Negotiation say Deputy Chief Bangladesh Embassy.

The second rounds of the seven hundred people have been rescued from the sea as the Myanmar authorities have already informed, among them eighty percent are Bangladeshi.

Mr. Mohammed said how many people is Bangladesh in this seven hundred more it will not be known before the end of the verification process. ‘’ Our consular team has not yet reached there. They will start work in the same manner and how much of it cannot be called before the actual number.”

These seven hundred people have been kept temporarily in Myanmar, when the Bangladesh Embassy officials will there then they will know precisely says, Tariq Mohammed.

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