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There was already a conception that the proposal to bring about the decision of US President Donald Trump to Jerusalem will be passed on to the United Nations General Assembly voting very easily. Actually, it happened. But before the voting, the threat of US President Trump and US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley have some anxiety. Because of this, some countries were considered to have abated from voting for the proposal.

Why 128 countries voted for the proposal to criticize the United States on why Jerusalem was criticized, it is clear. They are in favor of the United Nations resolution on the issue of Jerusalem so that negotiations between Palestine and Israel have been mentioned and the 35 countries that had abstained from voting, most of them have been following this trend earlier.

But the exception is Canada. The United States neighbor was following the US policy. They vote for the United States on the Palestinian-Israel issue. But now Canada abstains from voting.

Diplomatic sources say that Canada voted against the proposal. But they did not like the United States threat, so Canada abstained from voting.

Most of the countries that voted against the resolution in the US threat were Guatemala, Honduras, Togo, Marshall Islands, Federal State of Micronesia and Nauru. It is not clear whether these countries follow the policies of the US policy on Jerusalem issue.

That nine countries voted against the proposal one of them is identical to the subject. US help is important in the countries’ economics. It is believed that other countries which had stopped voting were affected by the threat of trumps.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s the same view. In an interview before traveling to African countries, he said,  The reason for the US pressure was that 35 countries abstained from voting. If there was no pressure, they would vote for the proposal.

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New post 6
There was already a conception that the proposal to bring about the decision of US President Donal
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