NHK World Radio Japan Bangla

NHK World Radio Japan Bangla

NHK World Radio Japan Bangla

NHK World Radio Japan (Radio Japan or RJ) is the international broadcasting service of NHK, which is a Japanese national public broadcasting organization. The service is aimed at the forge in market, similar to Voice of America, Voice of Russia, BBC World News and Deutsche Welle (DW). NHK World Radio Japan provides a total of 58 hours and 10 minutes a day of broadcasts in 18 languages. Programs on current, cultural and other events broadcast direct from Japan via Short Wave, Medium Wave, FM, the Internet and broadcast satellites.

NHK World Japan Radio started one-hour daily shortwave broadcast service on 1st June, 1935 for the North America with programs in Japanese and English. At that time, its name was Kaigai Hoso (Overseas Broadcasting). Its service reaches its largest scale in the pre-war and wartime period for a total of 33 hours 5 minutes per day in 24 languages, in 1944. As the Second World War draws to an end, NHK gradually reduces overseas service. On 10th September, 1945, its broadcast was stopped. NHK resumes its international shortwave broadcast services under the name of Radio Japan on 1 February, 1952.

NHK World Radio Japan or Radio Japan’s Bengali service first started in 1943. At that time, its name was Radio Tokyo. After the World War II, this service was stopped. On 3rd April, 1963, Radio Japan again started the Bengali service.

Currently, NHK World Bangla broadcast a daily program for 45 minutes from its studio, which is located in Tokyo, Japan. NHK World Radio Japan Bangla broadcasts news, information, and entertainment programs focusing on Japan and Asia. It also features a program answering listeners’ letters and emails. NHK World Radio Japan promotes understanding and friendship between the people of Japan and people of both Bengals (Bangladesh and West Bengal).

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