One-year prison sentence for possession of cobra snakes

cobra.pngPolice arrested a man with 17 cobra snakes then the mobile court has sentenced him to one year.

Convicted Babul Mia was trying almost one month to create a snake farm in a house at Keraniganj Dhaka.

Dhaka University professor and Bangladesh Government snake farm committee’s caller Dr. Anwarul Islam said, whoever is the snake farm in Bangladesh does it illegally, and the Forest Department does not approve of such farms.

The snake venom for use to come from India, and there’s no a large market basically in Bangladesh.

Professor Islam said expensive technology for snake farm not available in Bangladesh.

Many people collect snake venom for smuggling or Snakes smuggling, which are used as food or farm in outside the country.

Cobra in Bangladesh

Professor Islam says, the second reason is that in most cases the snake farm and if the snake farm approved when Snakes smuggling may be increased.

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