Shakib Al Hasan has topped again

Shakib al Hasan

Shakib al Hasan

This is which we call formidable return. Shakib Al Hasan regained his Kingdom after returning in Cricket from the deportation. The door of world’s best all rounder is again opened for him after the Khulna Test. This Bangladeshi all rounder again returned in top position.

Before the Khulna test Shakib was at three in the ranking. First was India’s Ravichandran Ashwin. Second was Varn Filander of South Africa. In today’s published latest ranking of ICC Shakib crossed Ashwin (rating point 357) and filender (348). His rating point is 419. It is his best rating point in his career.

That was his prizes for tremendous performance when Shakib was top in the test all rounder ranking for the first time. The top position in test ranking was permanent for Kallis. His reign was ended in the December of 2011. Shakib took the top position from Kallis after 457 Tests and 3696 days. He became the top from Fifth position after doing century and taking five wickets (144 and 6, 7 wickets in 2 innings) against Pakistan as the first player of Bangladesh. He returned again in the top position not only as the first Bangladeshi player also only the third in the cricket history with a century and 10 wickets in a Test.

Last time he was top in August. He was then suspended. He played only Two tests in this year. Because of the bad performance in the field the rating point of Ashwin and Filander has reduced. Shakib got the advantage. But Shakib didn’t like to take the advantage of other’s bad performance. So he returned to the top position after playing tremendously.

The distance of rating with Ashwin who is at number 2 is 62! So the top position will remain on hand for a long time. So with the inspiration surely he will want to get back the crown of top one day all rounder. There he is at number three (361). Muhammad Hafiz (411) and Anjelo Mathues (387) are above him.

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