Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Sheikh MujibSheikh Mujibur Rahman, one of the main political leader of the country who leaded the movement to establish Bangladesh from East Pakistan and considered as the father of the nation. He was the chief of Awami League founded by Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani, first President of Bangladesh and after that he was the Prime Minister of the country. He is publicly known as “Sheikh Mujib” and “Seikh Saheb” and his title is “Bangabondhu”. His daughter Sheikh Hasina Wajed is present Party chairman and Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

After the partition of India in 1947 Sheikh Mujib was involved in student politics in the early ages of East Pakistan. Eventually he became the national leader of Awami League. He has the ability of giving high quality speech. He raised movement against the discrimination of the people as the supporter of socialism. He raised six-point autonomy to establish self rights, which was known as the separatism plan in West Pakistan. The main point of the six point demand was establishing provincial governance which was main opponent to the military rule of Ayub Khan. In 1968 he was charged for planning conspiracy with India and after that he was proved innocent. In 1970 Awami League won the election leaded by him.  However, he wasn’t given the opportunity to form a government.

After the failure of the dialogue between President Yiha Hia Khan and the politician West Pakistan Julfikar Ali vutto with Sheikh Mujib Pakistan Army ran killing operation at 25th March midnight 1971. He was arrested on that night and sent to West Pakistan. Rahimuddin Khan gave death penalty in the Military court but that wasn’t implemented. After the 9 months war on 16th December 1971 Pakistan army surrendered to the Joint force of Bangladesh and India and Independent Bangladesh established. Sheikh Mujib returned to Bangladesh after he was released from Pakistani prison in 10th January 1072 and took the responsibility of first President of Bangladesh. After that he became the Prime Minister. He made the constitution based on socialism and secularism besides these he have to face the problems of poverty, unemployment and widespread corruption. To control the growing political unrest on 1975 he banned all the political parties and declared himself as the lifetime president. After seven month of this on 15th August 1975 he was killed with his full family by a group of military officials.

Birth and Education

Sheikh Mujib was born in Tungipara village which is under the Bengal province of that time’s Indian Subcontinent in Faridpur District Gopalganj area of Patgati union. His father Sheikh Lutfor Rahman was accountant of Gopalganj civil court and mother Sayera Khatun. He was the third child of his four sister and one brother. His elder sister Fatema Begom, After her Asia Begom, then  Helen and younger sister is Laili; His younger brother’s name is Sheikh Abu Naser. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman started his primary study in the Gimadanga Primary school in 1927 then he was seven years old. He got admitted in the Gopalgonj Public School  in 1929 in the age of nine and continued his study there till 1934. He got admitted into Gopalgonj Mathuranath Institute Mission School at class seven in 1937. He couldn’t continue study from 1934 to next four years. Because he had a surgery in his eye and took much time to recover from it. He passed Matriculation from Gopalganj Missionary school. He got married with Fajilatunnesa in 1938 at the age of 18. The couple had two daughters and three sons. Daughters are Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana. And the name of sons are Sheikh Kamal, Sheikh Jamal and Sheikh Rasel. His three sons were killed on 15th August 1975 by assassins.

Starting of Political Life

Mujib’s political carrier started in 1939 from Misionary School. That year Chief Minister of undivided Bengal A K Fajlul Hauq and Prime Minister of Bengal even Prime minister of Pakistan Hossain Sahid Sohrawardi came to visit the school. He went to them with a group of student with the demand of repairing the roof of the school. He joined All India Muslim Student Federation in 1940. He was elected there for a year. In 1942 after passing the entrance he got himself admitted in the Calcutta Islamia College (Now Maulana Azad College) to study law. That time the college was affiliated with the Calcutta University and quite well-known. From there he started student politics actively. He joined Bengal Muslim League in 1943 and came in touch of Bengali Muslim Leader Hossain Sahid Sohrawardi. Here the main demand of the student politics was to establish Pakistan as a separate Muslim State. He was elected as the councilor of Bengal Muslim League in 1943.

Conference of All Bengal Muslim Student league held at Kushtia in 1944. Sheikh Mujib played special role in the conference. He was elected secretary of ‘Faridpur District Association’ created with the citizens of Faridpur living in Kolkata. After two years of this he was elected as the Secretary General of Islamia College Union. In 1947 when country divided Mujib got BA degree from Islamia College under Calcutta University. At the time of India-Pakistan separation terrible Hindu-Muslim riot happened in Kolkata. That time he helped Sohrawardi in controlling and protecting the Muslims.

After the separation of Pakistan from India Sheikh Mujib returned to East Pakistan and admitted into Dhaka University department of Law.  On 4th January 1948 he established East Pakistan Muslim Student League by which he became one of the main student politicians in East Pakistan. At this time he was inspired by socialism and thought that it’s the only way to solve the problems like poverty, unemployment and poor living conditions.


By the midnight of 15th August 1975 a group of young Army officials made cordon on the Dhanmondi residence of the President with tanks and killed him with his family members and personal staff. Only his two daughters were alive because they were in West Germany. They are barred from returning to Bangladesh. Some disgruntled Awami League members and Army Officials planned coup. His former colleague Khandakar Mushtak Ahmed was one of them, who took the power after Sheikh Mujib.

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    Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was great political leader.He was the first president of Bangladesh.he is the father or our nation.we are proud of him.


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