Sheila shore people are inverted by the oil layer

#exclusive image Shallow River

Shallow River

People who live on the Shore of Shallow River were inverted after an oil tanker had sunken on the river of Sundarban. Journalist Ahsan Habib Hasan said after visiting the Jaymoni village of fisherman that, the people are now in crisis that used to run their livelihood by fishing in the ponds and river.

Three and a half million liter oil had spread with water when a furnish oil loaded tanker had sunken on the shallow river on last Tuesday. It has been feared that it is going to create the biggest environmental disaster in the history of Sundarban. Fishermen of Jaymoni village said, suddenly river and canals have become fishless.

Lutfor Sana runs a fish store in Jaymoni village. Every day fifty fisherman sells their fish to him. He said no fish is being caught in four days. He also said the traps become worthless after coming in touch with the oil mixed water.

“Each net costs seven-eight thousand taka. We will try to boil water to get rid of oil from the net….. Now we are helpless.” Lutfor Sana also said lots of people run duck poultry here. These ducks swims in the canals and river. And eat shells from the river.

This store owner said many ducks died in a few days. “I own six ducks had died.” The livelihood of the Jaymoni village of c that is very close to the Sheila River depends on the river. In this time of the year, they do cooking with the water of the river.

Village housewife Tahmina said; they can’t beat because of the floating oil in the river. They can’t even wash their clothes. Clothes are getting wasted after washing with the water. Journalist Ahsan Habib informed; he saw Kewra flowers have died because oil has stuck in a rut.

He said Kewra flower is very important for the biodiversity of Sundarban. Many animals eat this flower.  Ahsan Habib said, though it is might not be possible, removing oil from canals and rivers. But we have to see what will be the end of the forest for the preoccupation of oil with the roots that came from the river with the tide.

Many tropical birds can be seen in the Jaymoni village at this stage of winter. Ahsan Habib said; he couldn’t see any bird today.

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