Solar furnace will give unlimited energy

Solar Furnace

Solar Furnace

Unlimited energy – but no pollution or harmful side effects. No shortage of raw materials, even it’s free. If everything goes right, this dream could become a reality in the mid-century.

To bring fire of the sun to the earth – that is the dream of nuclear fusion researchers. Hydrogen atoms got melted in few million degrees Celsius temperatures. Huge amount of fuel made in this process. But still now this solar furnace is too small, so these projects are not beneficial.

An experimental furnace is made named ‘Eater’ in Kadarsh in the south of France. 30 meters long and 23000 tonnes heavy steel cage will be made here in a few years. Researchers want to make ten times more fuel that they will use to run the furnace.

‘Eater’ is an international project. In addition to Europe; China, Russia, India and USA also taking part in the project. Initially, the projected cost of the is taken 1500 crore Euro for the time being. European Union is bearing its half.

Henrik Bindslev was the head of Renewable-Energy Research Centre of Denmark. Now he’s leading the project on behalf of EU. Head of fusion for energy said, “This process has some unique advantages. It doesn’t create long-term radioactive waste like general nuclear reactors. There is no fear like ‘Meltdown.’ Raw materials are unlimited. That means fuel will never be ended and has spread around the world in almost equal level.”

Researchers worked on nuclear fusion from the decade of fifties of the last century. However, success didn’t come for so long. Then physicists of ‘Tokamaka’ project were successful at former Soviet Union. Scientists of Britain’s ‘Jet’ plant could make the first controlled fusion in 1991 – however, it was just for two seconds.

‘Eater’ of southern France is following the success of ‘Jet.’ However, there is controversy about the project. There was a quiet delay; expense has increased. Bondslave said, “I can’t be happy about it. However, this initiative can be compared with the challenge of first sending man on the moon. It’s okay that it’s delaying. But at the same time, I know that ‘Eater,’ ‘Fusion for Energy’ and all the researchers and staffs are working tirelessly for success.”

Scientists are working in another experimental plant in Greifswald in north Germany. The building of ‘Vandersteen Seven – X’ barely finished. Project head wants to bring sun in the earth through ‘Stelara’ instead of ‘Tokamak.’ Tomas Klinger of Max Plank Institute, said, “Both systems work in a ringlike magnetic field. This magnetic field keeps away the heat of the gas, which is 10 million degrees Celsius from the wall, so that the heat can’t be lost. But the process of making magnetic fields is separate from each other.”

The magnetic field of ‘Stelara’ is made by Bend coil, which doesn’t happen with ‘Tokamak.’ ‘Tokamak’ has a magnetic cage, which is a look like the wrong tire. Power flows through the plasma; wire holds the magnetic field. There is no need of electricity in the plasma of ‘Stelara.’ So it runs continuously.

At the moment, there is running ‘Tokamak’ in the Rector of France, which is quite tested. If everything goes right, the first production from the nuclear fusion, counter will be done in the middle of this century. Until then, physicists will see the dream of limitless energy.

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