Terrorism and crime increasing in Dhaka University, concerns in various communities

Terrorism increasing in Dhaka University

Terrorism increasing in Dhaka University

Four Chhatra League workers have been suspended from the university who attacked renowned photographer Imtiaz Alam Beg and his two nieces who were travelling in the Karjon hall area of Dhaka University.

Acting Proctor of the University Dr. A M Amjad Ali confirmed that the administration decided that on Sunday night. Expelled students are Faruk Hossain of Botany Department, Masum from Physics, Jisan of Statistics and Jahirul Islam by Math Department. They are all first-year students and cadre of Shahidullah Hall Chhatra League President Aminul Islam.

Incidentally, on November 5 Director of Beg Art Foundation Imtiaz Alam Beg came to travel Karjon Hall area with his two nieces of them one life in Canada, and another is working in a human rights organization. At one, stage when they were sitting on the pond side of Shahidullah Hall four students assault them physically. For that, they filed a case against those four unidentified students. This news made a massive braw in media and social media.

There are two complete police stations in the university area; one is in the Sahbag entrance of Dhaka University, and another one is in Nilkhet. There are many police outposts in several areas and patrol police car. Besides, members of all the intelligence organizations of the country are roaming there. In this situation, after hearing news of crime or antisocial activities in this top university of the country people can’t stop them from being upset.

Director of the Teacher Student Centre of the university Md. Alamgir Hossain showed concern for this crime trend in the university and said to Radio Tehran that, People have high expectation of the University much. People want to get good news from there.

Teacher of Mass Communication and Journalism of this University Md. Mofizur Rahman said about this context that, the campus has become an unrestricted ground for positional reason. So police and University authority should be more responsible.

He thinks, the problem will not solve by blaming the students, departments and management should regularly seek to provide maintenance.

Meanwhile, an online newspaper said that the conflict between authority and Chhatra League has reached in the final stage in most Halls of the University.

It has been said in the report that, the responsibilities of those halls are now in the hands of Chhatra Leagues. Those leaders decided everything about the halls. As a result general, students have become the hostage of the Chatra league workers.

If any one of the authorities objects to cope with them, ruling party’s student workers do movement adapting corruption charges against him. Sometimes they attack, telling him Shibir -Jamaat or Terrorist.

It has been seen Student leaders are doing movements against the Provosts of five halls alleging corruption and irregularities in last three months. It is not just for the corruption and negligence of the provost there is also reasons that leaders are not gaining their profit.

The last movement of leaders happened in the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall alleging irregularities and corruption against the provost on 13th August. However, later the general secretary and president apologize to the Provost when Central Leaders mediate that.

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