The Movie “King of the Sand” Shook Saudi Government

King of The Sand

King of The Sand

Saudi government has broken out with anger in against the promotion of the movie in silver screen named “King of the Sand.

Son of the first king of Saud of Saudi Arabia and a senior member of the ruling royal family, Talal Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud said, their government has already expressed their dissatisfaction against the film “King of the Sand” and they considered the film as a big betrayal against the foundation of Saudi monarchical government.

Talal has criticized the film director, and he said to him the director of “sex war.”

The son of the former Saudi king also said, “We have already contacted with Syrian President Bashar-Al-Assad through the identical friend so that the show of this film can be stopped in this Arab country.”

Prominent Syrian filmmaker Najdat Aznour’s film “King of the Sand” has already made a stir throughout the Arab world.

In this movie, the founder of Saudi monarchical government Abdul Aziz Al Saud has been highlighted as such a personality who has suddenly become rich. He became the central leader of Arabian Peninsula and Hijaj from an obscure tribal leader of Kuwait.

In this movie, it has been also highlighted that Britain backed Ibn Saud was a reckless and corrupted person; he was bloodthirsty and overly women addicted.

Najdat Aznour recently said that the purpose of making this film was to show the fanaticism created by Ibn Saud and in the modern era, this fanaticism has a major role to spread terrorism.

Many analysts and critics say that the film has challenged the basis of Saudi monarchical government.

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