The traffic in the four countries signed an agreement with Bangladesh

Indian HighwayBangladesh, India, Nepal and Bhutan in the road goods and passenger traffic have been signed today. Communications ministers of the four countries signed the agreement in Bhutan’s capital Thimphu.

According to official information, Today’s agreement is a demo agreement, after then technical aspects of considering to another agreement and protocols.

Under the agreement between the three types of vehicles, these four countries will be able to navigate. These include passenger vehicles such as buses or private cars and the cargo.

That’s mean anyone travel to any city in India from Bangladesh in they are an own car, or can go Nepal and Bhutan through the India. Possible routes could be operating experimentally since October. It will launch in early next year due to officials hoped.

Ministry of Communication Secretary M.N.A. Siddique said, under to the agreement from Bangladesh as well as India, Nepal or Bhutan’s tourist comes to visit Bangladesh with there’s own car or by bus.


However, a route permit will be required for those travels.

Permit before traveling by private car to take this route and relatively long-term permits available for the route whose bus or truck can regularly use on the highways.

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