What is the situation of the use of language in Bangladesh now?

21 FebruaryInternational Mother Language Day is being celebrated worldwide. The Language Martyrs Day “21 February” is respected as “The International Mother Language Day” by United Nation’s UNESCO in 1999.

It is said that Twenty-rise eliminates the spirit of Bengali nationalism and the continuation of that situation, once upon a timed birth Bangladesh as an independent state.

But many people have made sacrifices for that language, What is the situation of use of the language in the country today?

Prof. Chowdhury of Bengali department of Dhaka University- Bhismadev Chowdhury told: “Sixteen million people in Bangladesh, saying it’s mother tongue, this is a positive direction.”

“But I have some distraction about the use of language, there is some side pain also. Our law-courts, as the educational media at the University the overall sense is that we are still unable to apply the Bengali language, were unable to use. However, the situation of the use of language has improved but remained restrictions in the higher education” he said.

The International Mother Language Day

Spoken language can be heard complaining about the pronunciation and distortion, That’s how logical, such question’s reply, Mr. Chowdhury said: “The requirements of the standard language in the under certain circumstances”.

“I have the language, but it is not isolated from the original language. The language we are using the standard ritual, newspapers, radio and television are used, there are limitations.” This would seem possible to overcome the limitations of Professor Bhismadev Chowdhury.

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