Why decreasing Royal Bengal Tiger in the Sundarbans?

Royal Bengal TigerAccording to the latest survey, only 100 Tiger or Royal Bengal Tiger is left in the Sundarbans.  Many experts have been surprised at the number of ways to capture on camera.

The forest department conservator of forest wildlife in the region Tapan Kumar said, “Cameras capture method survey found 83 to 130 tigers in Bangladesh and Indian’s Sundarbans. As the average of the actual number of tigers in Bangladesh could be a maximum of 106.”

But earlier in 2004, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Indian experts with the support by Footprints based survey of 6,000 square kilometers 440 Royal Bengal Tigers was calculated in the Sundarbans. In the men’s 121, the tigress 298 and the children Tiger 21 was mentioned in the report.

After a survey in 2006, the number of tigers in the Sundarbans 200, flowing the camera trapping and relative number methods.  But this time calculation camera capture method than the previous footprints or ‘Pug Mark’ method observations results proved wrong.

The Sundarbans

Mr. Tapan Kumar Dey said, Talk that the number of tigers in Bangladeshi area It’s fairly accurate according the latest survey in the Sundarbans.  He said the survey by analyzing camera footage; it’s ending in April. According to earlier survey 74 Tigers of the Indian side in Sundarbans. Note that, only 40 percent of the Sundarbans in India, he said.

Professor of Zoology and tiger expert in Jahangirnagar University Munir Khan said, “The new survey is the fear of the loss of the tiger. However, the number of tigers has felt a lot more than our concerns.”

He said, “Before this around 200 Tigers having received information of my study. Therefore decreasing the number of tigers are poaching and development activities in the neighborhood the forest area. Food and habitat of tigers are now under threat. So the government should take further steps to protect the tiger.”

The Chairman of Zoology Department of Dhaka University and chief executive of the Wildlife Trust Md. Anwarul Islam told the media, “The forest department talking to expected Tigers was 440, now they are saying expected Tigers are 106. We will accept the government information. However, the tiger is decreasing, it is true. Hunting smugglers and the food crisis are declining tiger.”

“The World Wildlife Fund,” said that The Worldwide tiger contains to fear extinction. The number of tigers has dropped now 1,900 to 3200 from almost one million.

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