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Bangladeshi Scientists are on The Way to Victory on Cancer by Robot

Victory on Cancer by RobotOne of the great success news by Bangladeshi scientists in the international media. A group of scientists led by Dr. Taher Abu Saif invents “Living robot”. They are now the “robot revolution” doorsteps. It will be possible to conquer cancer if they succeed.

In The New York Times, 31 December of 2015, a Pulitzer Prize- winner columnist wrote, in 2016 technology has been the biggest revolution in the United States in a study by researchers at the University of Illinois. The investigator’s teams are led by Dr. Taher Abu Saif of Bangladesh. Leading by him the universities students fulfill their dream of inventing “Living robot”. Continue reading

In particular baby food in Bangladesh for Malnourished children

Malnourished children in BangladeshSalma’s story…

Salma is an eleven month old child. The International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research (ICDDR,B) Hospital in Dhaka was admitted her for affected with Diarrhea and pneumonia.

A child of this age to be approximately weight 8 kilograms. But Salma has been just 4 kilograms of weight. Salma’s father is a rickshaw driver and very much less his income.

Household food security contempt as well as frequent diarrhea and other diseases, infections due to the weightlessness of the child Doctors think. The child is suffering from critical severe acute malnutrition diseases and treated her accordingly the symptoms.

More than twenty days after the baby becomes healthy for necessary treatment. 2-kilogram weight increases her from released the hospital. Continue reading

Sheila shore people are inverted by the oil layer

#exclusive image Shallow River

Shallow River

People who live on the Shore of Shallow River were inverted after an oil tanker had sunken on the river of Sundarban. Journalist Ahsan Habib Hasan said after visiting the Jaymoni village of fisherman that, the people are now in crisis that used to run their livelihood by fishing in the ponds and river.

Three and a half million liter oil had spread with water when a furnish oil loaded tanker had sunken on the shallow river on last Tuesday. It has been feared that it is going to create the biggest environmental disaster in the history of Sundarban. Fishermen of Jaymoni village said, suddenly river and canals have become fishless. Continue reading

Medicine of Ebola virus in West Africa in a few weeks

Medicine of Ebola Virus

Medicine of Ebola Virus

World Health Organization said that they would send the medicine of Ebola virus to West Africa in a few weeks that they made from the blood of Ebola recovered peoples.

A senior official of WHO Dr. Merry Paul Kenny said that, the serum has been made for the treatment of Ebola virus, and it can be found in Liberia within a few weeks. She informed that they were making the serum from the antibody found in the blood of Ebola recovered peoples.

She said that, they are making the serum cure the infected peoples, and they are working here in partnership with three seriously affected countries of West Africa. And the process of blood collection and use will start in Liberia within the next few weeks. Continue reading