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20% loans in Agriculture Sector Are Bad Debts

BD Agricultural Loan

BD Agricultural Loan

Debts in Banking Sector’s Agriculture and Rural Loan in current financial year’s July-October rise up to 31 Thousands 349 Crores 57 Lacs. From those loans, 6 Thousands 312 Crores 79 Lacs already became bad debts. From these figures, 20.14% of the total loans in this sector are bad debts, which was 18.64% in last year’s this period. Agricultural Credit Department of Bangladesh Bank’s updated information is showing this report.

The report shows that, in 2013-14 financial year’s first quarter (July-October), banks issued 4 thousands 122 Crore 45 Lacs Taka’s credit in Agriculture and Non Agriculture Rural Credits, which was 3 Thousands 327 Crore 327 Crore 78 Lacs Taka in previous year’s first quarter. In that situation, issued credits are risen 23.87% and within this period 4 Thousands 618 Crores 89 Lacs Taka was collected opposed to previous years 3 Thousands 956 Crores and 18 Lacs Taka in first quarter. In this financial year, banks are planned to give 14 thousands 595 Crores taka’s Agricultural Loan. Within the first quarter of current financial year, banks already gave 28.25% of their planned allocation of loan, which was 23.55% in last year’s first quarter. Continue reading