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Farmer Amzad gave an invitation to feed for Germany’s World Cup winning

Amzad Hossain's German Flag

Amzad Hossain’s German Flag

The fan of German football team Amzad Hossain from Magura is now floating on the tide of joy. People of his village rallied to him for the World Cup victory of Germany. They bathed him with milk.

Meanwhile, Amzad announced to give a treat of at least 500 people in the village. The German Embassy has invited Amzad to come Dhaka.

Joy started with on Monday midnight with the farmer Amzad Hossain of Ghoramara village of Magura, who has got a lifetime membership in the official fan club of National Football team of Germany by creating three-kilometer long flag of Germany. After ensuring the victory of Germany’s people of his village expressed their joy by taking him in their arms. Amzad also cried with joy.

Hundreds of people in the village began to come to his home from the morning. The raised Amzad with the flag of Germany and did rally. After the procession, they received him by sprinkling milk. Then they bathed him with milk mixed water. Continue reading

Google Glass, it’s like watching World cup in the Stadium

Google Glass

Google Glass

Your favorite team is playing in the World Cup; you are sitting in the stadium – who doesn’t want to have this kind of experience? Google Glass will help you to have this experience.

Sports teams and broadcasting companies are using various kinds of technology to draw more viewers; Why Google Glass will be lagging behind? So they dived on how to integrate sports through Google Glass.

American football team Philadelphia Eagles will use it first. Founder of sports desk media Eric Fernandez said, “When I asked the teams what kind of technology they want, they shared, firstly, they need Google Glass and second is snap chat. In April 2012, Google made a hue in the world by giving the wonderful idea of this Glass. Recently, they launched it to the market, and the prize is 1500 Dollars. Goggle Glass business development Chief Eric Jonson said, “While watching the game with the glass fans will have an experience that they never had before.” Continue reading

The lifeline of Argentina is Messi with his four warriors

Messi with his four warriors

Messi with his four warriors

Argentina is going on a mission of winning the World Cup again. The lifeline of the team is Messi. Argentina is also hopeful about Gonjalo Higuain, Sarkhio Romareo, Farnando Gago and Sarkhio Aguero for the third World cup success.

Argentina was two times champion 1978 and 1986. ’86 World Cup is remembered primarily for Meradona. In 2006, Argentina expected like that from Messi. He couldn’t do anything like that, though he was playing wonderfully in Barcelona team. After 4 years, Argentina excluded from the Quarter Finals in South Africa. This time Messi is desperate to complete his career by winning the World Cup like Pele, Meradona, Bekenbaoar, Jidan.

Critics said, many don’t play as well for his country as he plays for Barcelona. In this case, they doubted his sincerity. However, now days changed. As the Brazil World Cup is coming closer, the brightness of Messi in Barcelona are decreasing, so the critics are saying the opposite of their comments. They think; Messi is absorbing his most ability for the World Cup. Argentina Supporters should be happy for that. Messi will bring the World Cup from Brazil- supporters exactly want that. Continue reading

World Cup is finished for Ribery

Franck Ribery

Franck Ribery

Another big star has fallen from the world cup with Ricardo Montalvo, Radamel Falcao. French player Winger Franck Ribery wouldn’t be able to play in the world cup for back injury. World cup dream of young midfielder Kelmont Grenier has also ended due to injury.

Ribery is undoubtedly the lifeline of France team. This French star has a huge contribution to winning the treble for Bayern Munich in the last season of the European Cup. This year he was nominated for the FIFA best footballer of the year award.

However, France is not getting the best player of the team in the world cup.

Since last May’s German cup, final Ribery has suffered from a back injury. He wasn’t able to play in two warm up much of France. Even though France was expecting that, he’ll be fit before the world cup. However, today after check up doctors didn’t show the green signal to Ribery. Continue reading