Cyclone having a feminine name is ‘more lethal’



If the cyclone Katrina effects deadly on the cost of New Airlines of USA in 2005 had a Masculine name, so it would do little rampages? This idea has been obtained by researchers from the statistical analysis of the past 62 years.

Researchers of Illinois, University said, The cyclone or Hurricane stroked in USA from 1950 to 2012 feminine named cyclones are three times much destructive than the masculine’s. For this, they are blaming the psychology of Americans.

Scientists said; people take the feminine named storm slightly. On the other hand, they are much more careful about the masculine named storms.

When depression turned out in a cyclone in the sea, then that has been given a name to save the data and avoid confusion. The work of name giving is done from the predefined list.

The list has been made with 21 names every year for the Atlantic Ocean area according to the English alphabet. To avoid discrimination in the process of selecting a name is like if one cyclone is named with masculine the next one will be a feminine name. Such as the first cyclone of North, Atlantic Coast of the USA will be Arthur, and the next one will be Bertha.

The names of the cyclone are listed according to Greek alphabet- Alpha, Beta, Gama if more than 21 cyclones happen in a year like 2005. Like this, the name is being selected in every list of upcoming cyclones for six years. So how strong or devastating the tornado will form it doesn’t depend logically on the name of the cyclone.

However, the opposite result is shown in the research of the USA’s National Academy of Science. The average death rate of the last six decades is 15.5 of masculinely named cyclones; on the other hand, the rate is 41.84 for feminine named cyclones.

One of the authors of the report, Professor Sharon Shavit said, “People expect same behavior cyclone as they expect to hear the name of man or woman. How strong the storm will be – they try to guess it from the name. So they think cyclone named Sindi or bale will be less terrible.”

Researchers run an experiment by giving some name. Participants have told to imagine how powerful a storm can be by its name. It has been seen by analyzing their answer; they think Alexandra; Christina and Victoria named cyclone will be less destructive than Aleksandar; Christopher or Victor named cyclones.

Professor Hazel Rose Markas of Stanford University said, “This is  an important research. It showed the evidence- How our cultural consciousness effects in any step.”

USA Weather Bureau started naming the cyclones from 1953. Their given first name was Alice. That time almost all cyclones were given a feminine name based on the idea that, the behavior of the storm will be uncertain like a woman. But on the accusation of gender discrimination, the current naming trend is formed from 1970. In 1979, ‘BOB’ is the first name, which gets a masculine name.

Researchers said, from a study it’s needful of being changed another time to reduce the damage of cyclones.

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