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The Daily Samakal

The Daily Samakal

The Daily Samakal is a popular Bangladeshi daily newspaper published from nation’s capital Dhaka in Bengali language. It has circulations of more than 280 thousand copies, making it one of the most circulated Bengali newspapers. Samakal started publishing on 31 May, 2005. Golam Sarwaris the Editor of this newspaper and A.K. Azad is the publisher. The Daily Samakal gained nationwide focus when Abed Khan joined it as an editor in 2006 after he left The Daily Jugantor. After taking over the responsibility at a critical juncture of Samakal, he was responsible for guiding the daily to an acceptable level within 20 months.

There are several well known personalities write columns for The Daily Samakal. Expatriate Bangladeshi writer and newspaper columnist Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury contribute every week in his own section called “Kaler Ayna.” Famous Bangla short-story writer Hasan Azizul Huq, former chief advisor of the Bangladesh caretaker government Justice Habibur Rahman, Zillur Rahman Siddiqui, Shahriar Kabir, Badruddin Omar, economist Anu Muhammad, Abu Ahmed, and dramatist Mamunur Rashid also regularly write columns for The Daily Samakal.

Regular sections of The Daily Samakal include News, Shompadokiyo (Editorial), Upo Shompadokiyo (Sub Editorial), Muktomoncho (Columns by famous columnists), Antorjatik (World News), Lokaloy (Regional News), Kheladhula (Sports News), Anondo Protidin (Entertainment), Shilpo Banijjo (Business-Related Related News), Pathshala (Education), Projukti Protidin (ICT NEWS) etc. It features weekly supplements. Among them most popularly is Kaler Kheya, literary magazine edited by well known young poet Masud Hassan. The other weekly supplements are.

Friday: Kaler Kheya (Literary Magazine).

Saturday: Khola Hawa (Fashion and Lifestyle), Biggan Boloy (Science), Ghashforing (page for children).

Sunday: Alor Pothojatri (Career-related related news and tips), Taka Aana Pai (Economic News and Analysis)

Monday: Paychal (Fun Magazine).

Tuesday:  Moncher Baire, Shurid Shomabesh, Techline (ICT NEWS).

Wednesday: Shoili, Ishtishon.

Thursday: Nondon (Women Platform), Corporate Corner.

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