Farmer Amzad gave an invitation to feed for Germany’s World Cup winning

Amzad Hossain's German Flag

Amzad Hossain’s German Flag

The fan of German football team Amzad Hossain from Magura is now floating on the tide of joy. People of his village rallied to him for the World Cup victory of Germany. They bathed him with milk.

Meanwhile, Amzad announced to give a treat of at least 500 people in the village. The German Embassy has invited Amzad to come Dhaka.

Joy started with on Monday midnight with the farmer Amzad Hossain of Ghoramara village of Magura, who has got a lifetime membership in the official fan club of National Football team of Germany by creating three-kilometer long flag of Germany. After ensuring the victory of Germany’s people of his village expressed their joy by taking him in their arms. Amzad also cried with joy.

Hundreds of people in the village began to come to his home from the morning. The raised Amzad with the flag of Germany and did rally. After the procession, they received him by sprinkling milk. Then they bathed him with milk mixed water.

Amzad also didn’t go low. He announced to feed everyone in the village. He said to Deutsche Bhel by telephone that he would organise a Mejban within few days to share the joy of Germany’s world cup winning. He will invite at least 500 people. So he is busy now in collecting money. He said he would sell his land again if necessary. Amzad said no one will be unsatisfied in the invitation.

The villagers of the village are excessively happy for Germany’s World Cup winning. They said Amzad introduced their village. Nowadays, everyone knows the village. They also want to help Amzad for the function.

In 1987, Amzad Hossain (65) was affected by an incurable disease; he didn’t get any benefit after using various treatments. He became healed by taking drugs brought from Germany. Since then, he has an interest in Germany.

In this year’s world cup, he created 3km long flag by costing 2laks and 50 thousand takas for the love for Germany. For this, he has to sell his land.

German Embassy attracted after they came to know about the news. Sharj, the Affairs of Germany Dr. Ferdinand Von Veh, went Magura on Saturday evening to see the long flag. There he announced to give a lifetime membership of an official fan club of Germany National Football team. As well as with the membership, they gave him memorabilia, flag of Germany national team, jersey and football.

Meanwhile, fans of Germany’s football team in Dhaka celebrated the world cup victory in many ways. They precede victory rally in the midnight. And in the morning they came out by wearing their favourite team Germany’s jersey. Celebrations of German Football team fans running on social Medias, especially on Facebook. They are celebrating by posting various pictures and comments.

From Monday night, German football team fans are organising parties. German fan journalist Samir Kumar said, Germany won the world cup as qualified team. They dominated the World Cup from the beginning to end. He thinks that it is a victory of football through the victory of a professional and balanced team like Germany.

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