The violent politics will ruin Bangladesh

Political violence in BangladeshThe motion of the daily life of common people like economy, education has become collapsed for continuing blockade and strike in Bangladesh. People are dying every day for bomb and burning on fire. Some people got burnt their face, hand-feet or whole body. It seems like the whole country has become the Burn unit.

Tomato farmer Yusuf Ali of Godagari Mohishal Bari of Rajshahi expected for a good profit from farming tomato. But the hope has become despair. He informed that, ‘minimum 2000Kgs of ripe tomato is rotting in his house. But there is no buyer. Who will buy? They have to send these to market. But there is no scope for this.’ According to his words, “If the situation continues for few days we have to starve with our family.”

Flower farmer of Jessore Saheb Ali informed, “I cultivate rose on one acre of my land targeting the spring, Valentine’s Day and 21st February. But now I’m hopeless. But no one is coming to buy flowers, so flowers are still in the tree.”

He said, “I expected that I would be able to send flowers to Dhaka and Chittagong on 12 and 13th February. Then I would able to sell flower of at least 3 million taka. But the hope is ruined for continuing blockade and strike.”

This situation is of all farmers of all over the country. Who has saved money is still active? But who don’t have come on the way.

According the calculation of an English Daily of Bangladesh, the economic loss of the country for the blockade-strike from 6th January is 75 thousand crore taka. With this highest loss is in the garment sector. 36 percent of total losses are in this sector. After that respectively 18% in the retail and whole sell, trade sector, 12% in the Agra and Poultry sector, same 12% is in the transport sector, 9% in housing and 8% in the tourism sector. Besides, 70% of the sell have reduced in the medium and small business.

The routine of SSC Exam has become upset for the strike and blockade. Now the exam is running on the Friday and Saturday. But the class of New Year hasn’t started yet. Students are sitting in the home, ideally. They can’t go out.

Last, a Truck loaded with primary books was burnt at Gozaria of Munshigonj by throwing a petrol bomb. Truck driver QS injured in that attack. The truck was going to deliver those books to the primary schools of Raipur, Ramgati and Kamal Nogor of Lakshmipur.

Total 85 people were killed by the violence of bombs, petrol bombs and fire in 35 day’s blockades and strike at this time. Of them, 51 were killed in the attack by petrol bombs. 990 vehicles were vandalized. 124 were admitted to the burn unit of Dhaka Medical College by burning with petrol bombs. Of them, 62 were still in treatment. Violence happened in rail for 11 times. And 18 were killed in crossfire.

Greatest devastating news is, this time the international transport system is also not safe. Dhaka- Kolkata friendship train was attacked at Pabna on last Sunday by petrol bombs. Transport system has stopped off across the country with the city for petrol bomb and fire. Long route buses are not running now in the night.

Executive Director of Transparency International Bangladesh or TIB Dr. Iftekharuzzaman said to about the recent political situation in the country that, “Now there is running cruelty, destruction and violence in the country in the name of politics. Who is responsible for this, more than that, why common people will pay for this? People are burning, the education system has collapsed, communication system has crashed, and the economy is now in danger. This situation cannot be allowed to continue. This politics is enough to cripple a nation.”

He said, “Terrorism is spreading in the country in the name of politics and movement. The terrorists are coming publicly. Two main leaders of our country have to take the responsibility. They have to take the decision to stop the politics that destroying the country and people of the country.”

Dr. Iftekharuzzaman said, “We are talking about the dialogue between them. But there is no environment for any dialogue in the country. The violence must be stopped before that. Khaleda Zia has to be condemned the terrorist activities and urged to arrest the culprits. And Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has to take steps to control violence and terrorism in the country. A politics that burns people cannot be allowed.”

Talks about the violent environment of the country with the Professor of National Mental Health Institute Dr. Tajul Islam. He said, “In these circumstances the most affected are students and victims of the fire.”

He said, “For the delay of exam examinees are in mental stress. Uncertainty and insecurity are working inside them. It will hamper their future education life. They will afraid of taking challenges. They will become weak and inefficient citizens. And those who can’t go to classes they will be disappointed and may lose the interest in the study. Even they can be drug addicted. The attack on the mind of a child hampers their normal growth.”

Dr. Tajul Islam said, “Those who are injured by bomb or petrol bomb, their future life can be gruesome. If their returns by recovering physically they might not recover mentally. Their tragic scene may come to the memory again and again. They can’t live a normal life. They will have to carry the life of emotional contradictions.”

Dr. Tajul Islam also said, “The feeling of insecurity among the common people of the country is increasing day by day. If this continues, it can become mental trauma.” He said, “The sewing process of the news of violence in the news media is also hampering.”

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