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There is no adequate preparation against earthquakes

EarthquakesThere is no adequate preparation if an earthquake happens in the densely populated Dhaka city. There is no equipment necessary, efficient manpower and management of integrated rescue. Not only Dhaka there is prepared in all over the country. Authority thinks about the preparation when an earthquake happens. But after that they don’t take any real plans. It has been known from many sources of Fire Service and Civil Defense.

Disaster experts said, coordinated steps must be taken before and after disasters like earthquakes. A realistic plan must be made for this. Citizens should be trained for this gradually. Authorities said Bangladesh is one of the world’s earthquakes vulnerable counties. A devastating earthquake may hit the country at any time. Mega city Dhaka is at risk of becoming completely desolated in a medium earthquake. But there is no efficient equipment and manpower to deal with the disaster. Small earthquakes are often happening in the country. There is no prediction before the earthquake, and there are no priors. However, the risk level is increasing. Continue reading

Relatives could not find the missing two years

Rana PlazaRana Plaza tragedy is going two years. It is the world’s biggest garments factory accident; the official number of people dead in the crash of 1136. However, there is controversy about the number of dead and missing.

Rana Plaza building collapse, two years after the official as saying so far, 135 workers name make sure are listed as missing. But unofficially this number is much higher.

Government and the private sector, many operations these workers are still missing after the DNA test. Continue reading

Interpol issued a red alert against Tareq Rahman

Tareq Rahman accused wantedInternational police agency Interpol issued a red alert against Tareq Rahman accused wanted person to include in their list.

The August 21, 2004 grenade attack on an Awami League rally that left 24 people dead on Bangabandhu Avenue Dhaka; these charges Interpol issued a red alert. However, the publication of this notice did not mention any date.

Interpol’s website has listed the 67 wanted. Tareq Rahman was the last wanted on the list. Earlier, the Interpol issued a notice against fugitive war criminal Abdul Jabbar. Continue reading

How safe the aircraft of flying club

Shah Makhdum AirportAfter the death of a trainee pilot on a plane crash, her family alleged against the negligence of the training organization. In that accident trainee pilot, Tamanna was killed, but the instructor was survived by the help of local people.

Training organization, the Bangladesh Flying Academy said, they run the training process following all the rules and regulations. On 1st April, a training plane caught fire during emergency landing shortly after taking off with Tamanna Rahman and her trainer on the Shah Makhdum Airport of Rajshahi. Continue reading